Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has written an open letter to the Queen suggesting that a Royal crisis could be averted with a new role for Prince Harry.

Michael Fabricant published his letter in The Sun as discussions are set to take place over the future of the Duke of Sussex after he confirmed plans to step back from Royal duties.

Prince Harry. Picture: DoD News

But despite the suggestion of crisis talks, the Conservative MP said the results of a poll where Canadians backed the Duke to become the country’s Governor General showed there was an opportunity for the Royal family.

Following the publication of the letter, Mr Fabricant said:

“Under the Canada Act of 1986, the request would have to come from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“But if both Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Harry let it be known privately that he would be willing to undertake this role, Canada might well make that request.”

Michael Fabricant MP

In his letter, the Tory MP said such a move would be a “wonderful opportunity” for both the Royal family and the country more generally.

He added:

“I make the case that this can in fact be a wonderful opportunity for both the Royal Family and our country at large. 

“A challenge could be turned to a huge triumph.

Michael Fabricant’s open letter to the Queen

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  1. Statesmanlike.
    Sound judgement.
    The ear of the great and the good.

    By publishing an open letter to Her Maj in The Sun, our MP has once again proved he has none of the above qualities. Instead he’d rather be a rent-a-quote for the highest bidder. The Sun is a bit of a downmarket turn after The Telegraph isn’t it?

    Not much of a downturn, admittedly, but I await his blueprint for peace in the Middle East to be splashed across The Daily Star any day now – Fabbo dresses as Dove of Peace to ease tensions.

  2. If the Royal families role is not to be ambassadors for the country then what is it? Their whole institution is somthing of an anachronism these days. I am not anti royalist, it’s just that their governing power is now symbolic and running costs are massive. I can well see that Harry and Meghan find the work tedious, especially if it is imposed on them relentlessly but some, like Anne, seem to have kept it in proportion. If comments have been expressed about Meghan’ s ethnicity that is unforgivable, but her cultural inheritance (ie. as an American) will have given her a different expectation in life with regards that level of state duty. Royal families have traditionally intermarried for reasons of gain and commitment to a common cause. If they enter the commercial world (other than owning vast areas of the country) it will forever break the mould of the traditional status of our modern monarchy. It might also signal the end of it.

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