Cheaper Sunday car parking rates could be axed by Lichfield District Council.

A report by deputy leader Cllr Iain Eadie has revealed a plan to “regularise” the amount paid by drivers to leave their cars in council-run car parks.

The local authority believes introducing similar fees that operate throughout the rest of the week could rake in an addition £176,000 a year.

Iain Eadie
Iain Eadie

The council admitted that while the proposals may not be popular, they could be beneficial. Cllr Eadie’s report said:

“At present a flat rate charge is applied to the council’s car parks on a Sunday. It is proposed to regularise this and apply the same charges that apply throughout the rest of the week.

“Although there has been a traditional resistance to the introduction of Sunday charging in Lichfield due to the presence of the cathedral, as Sunday is increasingly being seen as a day for recreation and shopping this argument may have less weight than previously particularly given the emphasis the Cathedral authorities themselves are placing on ticket entry events.”

Cllr Iain Eadie, Lichfield District Council

Cllr Eadie also said the rise in parking prices at the weekend may lead to a drop in visitors, but said the shortfall could be mitigated by greater enforcement.

“A fall in business following the introduction of charging needs to be factored in, however based on the results of our current occasional Sunday parking patrols it appears that there is a proportionately higher level of avoidance on these days than we experience during the rest of the week.

“Additional Sunday patrols, which would be funded by Parking Charge Notification (PCN) income, could reduce none payment and counter the financial effects of any falls in business.

“It should be also noted that the 2016 tariff increase did not appear to have any effect on car park patronage or on the wider trading conditions in Lichfield.”

Cllr Iain Eadie, Lichfield District Council

Council’s £40,000 pot for car park variable messaging system

The report has also revealed that the council has a £40,000 pot of Section 106 money designed to improve information about city centre car parks.

“While many local residents will have knowledge of our car parks and the scope to park at any one time given demand, this will not always be the case and certainly for new visitors to the city.

“It is therefore important that information is available to inform people where car parks are and the availability of spaces.

“Variable messaging is a means of addressing this and is an area being considered subject to the necessary resources being available.

“The council currently holds a sum of approximately £40,000 to go towards this technology.”

Cllr Iain Eadie, Lichfield District Council

The car parking plans will be discussed at an overview and scrutiny committee meeting on 21st January.


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41 replies on “Cheaper Sunday car parking rates in Lichfield could be axed under new council plans to operate same fees all week”

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  1. Tourists come at weekends, obviously Lichfield council doesn’t want them. Most tourist places have discount parking on Sunday. Fleetwood in wyre is free all the time and busy

  2. Soon be parking charges 24/7. I don’t see the point of Lichfield for those living near by – no good for shopping, annoying to drive in and out of, parking charges.

  3. I will go to tamworth retail park or the new outlet in cannock the council can please themselves after the decisions of development over the few years no confidence in them

  4. Tamworth Ventura park and surrounding retail parks are ALL free, they have revamped alot of the stores and are building a new Primark, its busy, progressive and hugely accessible for anybody regardless of status. And then there is Lichfield.

  5. With all the extra rates money the council will receive from the many, many new houses they have sanctioned it seems superfluous to further punish the long suffering Lichfield citizens with yet more parking charges. Of course stealth taxes are the Conservatives raison-detrea. If only they had a clue how to spend it wisely.

  6. Totally out of Touch. Where are the facts of how and where the extra £176k comes from? A complete disregard for business as usual

  7. Considering the price elasticity of parking charges, economic theory would suggest the revenue generated by increasing the rate would fall – not rise. Drivers may be more inclined to shop online, or head to nearby locations such as Tamworth and Burton which offer more price-competitive parking charges with larger retail complexes instead of shopping in Lichfield. Trading conditions are very tough now. Any resultant loss of footfall will only worsen the city’s already-anaemic high street conditions.

    I work at Debenhams. Sundays are one of our busiest trading days on average. One of our store entrances is connected directly to the Birmingham Road multi-storey car park, meaning our business directly benefits from the higher footfall generated. This policy is certain to negatively impact this. The council has again placed the protection of their own revenue source above the economic needs and interests of local businesses and residents; statism at its very worst.

  8. You don’t park for free in Tamworth or Cannock – you pay for parking via the cost of the goods you are purchasing in those shops. You pay for it you just don’t realise you are paying for it.

    We should be paying more for parking. If you were to rent the equivalent land in the city centre for housing you would be paying thousands a year. Instead you can store half a tonne of your property on land owned by the rest of us for peanuts.

    Parking charges do not stop people coming. If free parking was the only driver then the car parks would be full every night once the charging regime finishes.

    If parking is such a valuable asset then why is it a valuable asset that nobody wants to pay for.

    The council should increase the cost of parking across the board and reinvest the additional income to support local buses to serve the city over weekends and evenings.

  9. Ah, good old council screwing everyone over but themselves – nothing new there. We’d be ignorant to think they’d ever have the community or economy in their thought patterns.

  10. So they will subsidies the loss of parking funds caused by fewer visitors by implementing more parking warden charges. That might help with the council’s parking losses but fewer visitors for the businesses of Lichfield seems to have not been part of this consideration.

  11. Neil King. Parking charges do stop people from going into Lichfield’ it’s about 50:50 distance for myself to get to Ventura park or Lichfield and to use a retailer i.e. Argos’ that is at both locations the product I buy is identically priced’ but I have to pay to park in Lichfield. It’s also off putting, clock watching rather than taking my time in town and spending more.
    This move is not in the interests of business or users in Lichfield, this is what it is, clawing every drop of revenue regardless of the hurt its creating on Lichfield.

  12. I have lived in lichfield for fifty years it has been great, but know the local council are just money grabbing again, why put up parking prices at the weekend as we are struggling too get shoppers in at weekends, when the new shopping outlet is finished in cannock, people will be shopping there, everyone in the shops are struggling for customers because also the rates are too high,the council have wasted enough money on redevelopers trying too get the town back to normal, ie the old Ford garage and the cop shop, the council cannot be that skint the amount of new homes they are building ,the council tax is still coming in 🤔🤔

  13. Typical Tory mantra “the few shall profit at cost to the many”.
    Lichfield council are only interested in fine revenue’s anyway. They make this quite clear

  14. Need to sort out the pot holes the road round pass the garrick up to the police station is a disgrace I’ve seen country lanes in better condition. The parking charges in the week are ridiculous so always try to visit on a Sunday

  15. Most people park on Tesco for free and Tesco ends up making profit out of it. Our council will continue increasing costs for residents and visitors of Lichfield and surrounding areas whilst giving us sub-standard results (A5190 surfacing, Friarsgate, etc etc)

  16. All parking on a Sunday should be subsudised, to allow not only tourists, but to encourage shoppers to enjoy lichfield, and the smaller shops. Keeps the town alive, instead of retail parks getting all the business

  17. I will just stop shopping in Lichfield city centre. It’s full of over priced coffee bars and charity shops. Due to the high rates the council charge, yet again they are going to put another nail in the coffin of high Street retail

  18. @Neil King ‘If free parking was the only driver then the car parks would be full every night once the charging regime finishes.’

    The shops are closed at night. Plonker.

  19. What causes the potholes people? Maybe less cars, better public transport and better cycle lanes, and we’d have a cleaner, safer, fitter city. I say hike the prices up, just like in York. Charge the tourists but encourage local people to walk, cycle and use the bus.

  20. Walk into Lichfield and risk your life down the rat run lane,NO
    Get a bus, one about every two hours non after about 5
    No buses Saturday or Sunday.
    What are the residents of Wall supposed to do if they don’t drive in by car.
    Answers please

  21. This is a multi-faceted issue.

    Shops are having a hard-enough time as it is, without reducing footfall in the centre of Lichfield, which is acknowledged in the article – but no mitigation is offered.

    Similarly, the comment that loss of revenue can be covered by ticketing is a very poor approach to solving the wider issue, which is more than likely the shortfall in money available to the council due to the Friarsgate and now the ‘Masterplan’ production, which must have come at a significant cost. Unless the council want to put an unpopular “below election triggering rise” onto council tax, choices are limited.

    Buses have been mentioned a few times, and rightly so, but buses cost money and the previous approach of sweeping up as many local villages as possible in a single service means that buses are as infrequent as… buses. The route from Shenstone to Lichfield is a prime example, rather than a local service – it hails all the way to Birmingham, thus passes through once an hour.

    The fact is, for all the talk of making the city greener – the council simply want money, they want you to pay the higher rate so they can get more money – it’s as simple as that. If they were truly for green initiatives buses and trains from localised villages would be free.

  22. What about people who work in Lichfield city centre and with no alternative have to pay to park every day? Their wages do not reflect this additional cost and to add Sunday to the list is ridiculous. It will put additional strain on the small businesses when footfall is reduced. We should be trying to help small independent traders not punish them. We’re implored to shop local so ensure this should be the focus and yes sort out the roads. We pay council and road tax, what for exactly???

  23. So, we all want better roads, better public transport, more cycle lanes and increased wages for shop and restaurant workers. How did we end up with Tory MP and Tory council then?

  24. Cycle lanes are crap. Overgrown hedges, pitted cycleways with potholes that are dangerous. Fortunately the huge swathes of slippy wet dead leaves have been cleared so one does not have to move over onto the very wet and deep muddy grass. And that only if you are lucky enough to be able to get across Eastern Ave and survive the never ending traffic. So this is how to encourage the public to get on their bikes and become more environmentally friendly.

  25. This council seems hell bent on driving residents out of the city. I can’t tell you how many people who’ve recently told me that they’re looking to get out of Lichfield. It hasn’t always been like this but, the city is growing at such a massive pace, the infrastructure is literally years behind. My house goes on the market in about 3 days. Why? Lichfield is becoming overpopulated, too congested, and is run by a council that clearly has no idea what it’s long term aims are. Depressing.

  26. I lived in Lichfield most of my life and could never understand the stupid policy of charging to park at the weekend. I now live in a town of comparable size in south Germany, parking is free all weekend and all week in the satellite car parks . Local shops are thriving and major retailers are queuing

  27. Mike, for the record, I most certainly did not vote Tory. Huge ignorance on this page to the environmental impact of cars. Free parking just means accepting the norm. As I said, you can’t declare a climate emergency and then not reacting to it.

  28. Matt you obviously live where you can walk without risking your life or if you want to walk 5 miles carrying your shopping. We have no buses at the weekend presumably the council agreed to that. Also last one at 5 in the evening. You need to understand we don’t all live in the city

  29. Did notice last week many cars in bus station car park had council stickers on their windscreen Do the council pay or is it free for the ?

  30. As I have stated many times on this forum ‘Life is mostly cause and effect’. When few people owned personal transport it made public transport viable. More cars less buses as things changed.
    The present situation is hard to reverse. For anyone living outside of reasonable walking distance there are few alternatives now; the bridges have been burnt. The unforseen consequences are conjestion, parking (and rip off parking fees) and pollution.
    The city could operate Park and Ride. This would accommodate tourists too. It might consider a total ban of central city parking in conjunction with this eliminating conjestion and pollution. It should most certainly provide proper by passes not the sham ones like the Southern Bypass.
    None of this will of course happen. As the age demographic continues to rise through the rise of retirement homes it will be nose to tail ambulances soon.

  31. Lots of small minded thinking on hear which explains why Michael Fabricant gets so many votes. If you have a car, you have to pay to park it. That should be the norm everywhere.
    Good comments from Darryl above – this scheme will only be accepted with improved bus services (and cycle lanes). As ever, these problems are multi faceted and I like Philips park and ride comments above.
    Visited York in the summer and paid £5 to park for the day, but excellent park and ride bus services which meant a glorious car free city centre.

  32. Matt, I still think you have not thaught anything through. If you live 5 miles from the city centre down narrow lanes and are the wrong side of shall we say 75 how do you go shopping if there are no buses. Answers on a post card please

  33. D
    It would be interesting to know if the staff at LDC that park in the car park adjacent to Council offices, have to pay for the parking or is it a perk of the job that it comes free!!

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