The Lichfield Household Waste and Recycling Centre. Picture: Google Streetview

A new operator is taking over the running of household waste recycling sites in Lichfield and Burntwood.

Amey will be responsible for the day-to-day management responsibility for 14 centres run by Staffordshire County Council from the end of March.

The move comes after the end of the current agreement with FCC.

Cllr Mark Deaville, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet member for commercial, said:

“FCC wished, for business reasons, to leave the contract managing the household waste recycling centres.

“The authority has appointed Amey, which already manages and maintains the highways in Staffordshire for the county council, to run the 14 sites across the county to ensure there is no interruption in service to the public and which will provide time for the county council to consider all of the procurement options.”

Cllr Mark Deaville, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. I’ve been told, as a County Councillor, that there will be NO moves to close the Household Waste & Recycling Centres following the award of this contract but we all need to keep a close eye on this. I also hope that the services at the HWRCs are rather better than their road repairs such as the recent resurfacing of the A5190 towards Lichfield.

  2. Amey are rubbish at anything they are involved with so this new venture will suit them. There road repairs are well below standards.
    Birmingham council have removed Amey from highway repairs ?

  3. As a County Councillor, can Councillor Woodward tell us if the A 5190 resurfacing was “signed off” by a council highways engineer?

  4. Diabolical decision, Amey can’t be trusted to fix the roads to any reasonable standard, now you’re giving them even more money to run the tips. You should stand here with ordinary taxpayers and see it from our point of view, you are just chucking good money after bad.

  5. The road repairs are non existent hope they do better with recycling. Are these companies just too big

  6. more disaster for lichfield -amey just want money not provide a service as already commented on they organise the pot hole schemes for staffordshire

  7. If they run this as well as they’ve run the Lichfield roads ? God help us ! Can you name a street without potholes ? And the main road between Lichfield and Burntwood is a joke ? When are they going to put the final layer on it ? Lol

  8. I don’t know why “Rob”, whoever he is, is asking me about the A5190 repairs but I’ve been given to understand that it was. As he knows, I represent Burntwood North, not Burntwood South and/or Lichfield Rural South, both Divisions represented by Conservatives. He should email them directly. As for our HWRC, if there is any attempt to close it again, the Burntwood community will fight tooth-and-nail again to retain it.

  9. Staffordshire co council are a joke at providing services, they are however great at wasting taxpayers hard earned money. Who getting their pockets lined in this latest Amey fiasco? Just drive along Lichfield Rd – any professional will tell you that surface has been planed and nothing else has been done apart from the lines replaced. Who ever signed this off for payment need their backside kicked out of their gold plated pension position. Amey are rubbish at road repair and will be rubbish at recycling giving rise to increased fly tipping. Why are our newly elected Mp’s ( namely Mr Fabricpants) not doing anything to sorting this and ensuring our money is being spent wisely? Obviously he doesn’t have to travel this shocking road daily so it doesn’t bother him.

  10. Thsts a step backwards amey running those facilities. I guess you can put lipstick on a pig . But it will always be a pig ..

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