Michael Fabricant and Martin Bell

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Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP is set to make an appearance on BBC quiz show Pointless.

No date has yet been given for the airing of the episode which has already been filmed.

Mr Fabricant said he was appearing in support of a local charity.

“This was a charity programme and I was playing for St Giles’ Hospice based near Lichfield.

“My team partner was veteran broadcaster Martin Bell. Other players included broadcasters John Pienaar and Iain Dale and journalist Rachael Johnson – sister of the Prime Minister.

“I have been sworn to secrecy as to the outcome of the episode, but it should be on our TV screens later this year.”

Michael Fabricant MP

The appearance is the latest TV outing for Mr Fabricant who has previously appeared on First Dates and Have I Got News For You.

He has also previously filmed an episode of Pointless alongside impressionist Rory Bremner.


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  1. Charity work is always commendable, unfortunately when Fabricant is on TV the mask slips and the what we see is the uncomfortable truth – a very odd man.

  2. Abdul – are your comments because MF eats in your restaurant? Our MP does nothing for the City but is an excellent self-publicist.

  3. ‘Pointless Celebrities’ comes to mind hahaha, says everything. Haha. Hopefully if Mr F. finds he is able to perform, St Giles might profit.

  4. Though I am in agreement with Mr F. about HS2. Why destroy the environment, ancient forests that create loads of Oxygen for us mere mortals to be able to breathe and live, at the same time ridding the planet of toxins harmful to us, as well as destroying the habitat of numerous creatures that are so necessary for ecological reasons, just for the sake of ‘interested parties’ getting to London more easily.

  5. I’d be still going on after Boris has threatened to sack tboes going in TV to promote their personal profiles ?

  6. Mr Salam for your information I do agree with Mr Fabricant about HS2. Unless I can be persuaded otherwise. He may have been aware perhaps that I long ago signed the petition that was against the destruction of the ancient woodlands and creatures which would be destroyed as a result of HS2. Notwithstanding the fact it benefits us human beings. All the same I may not agree with him on other policies. I do not agree that he is a ‘hero’ of Lichfield.

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