The A Plan insurance team with Simon Price (left) and Julian Fisher (right) from We Love Lichfield
The A Plan insurance team with Simon Price (left) and Julian Fisher (right) from We Love Lichfield

We Love Lichfield has been given a boost after a local business agreed to make donations to the fund which supports small grants to projects across the district.

A-Plan Insurance, which has an outlet on Bore Street, have agreed to donate £25 every time someone takes out an insurance policy and mentions ‘We Love Lichfield’.

Branch manager Laura Maritza said the initiative was a great chance to forge close links with the community.

“We are really proud to be supporting We Love Lichfield and the excellent work they do locally.

“The team and I are looking forward to getting involved with activities throughout 2020 and beyond.

“We like to be where people can access us easily and where we have an opportunity to engage with local people, businesses and charities. This allows us to really become part of the community.

“Lichfield is a great location for A-Plan and on a personal level I feel proud to play a part in the area’s vibrant economy.”  

Laura Maritza, A Plan Insurance

We Love Lichfield provides small grants twice a year to a number of projects by utilising interest generated on the fund.

Simon Price, Patron of We Love Lichfield, said:

“Thank you A-Plan twice – firstly, for agreeing to donate £25 for each car, van or home policy bought, and secondly, to have a national company supporting a small but growing fund like ours, shows that our work is recognised as making a real difference.

“It gives us all a boost to raise even more money to help the local community.”

Simon Price, We Love Lichfield

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