Business leaders in the Midlands have urged the Government to “cut the dithering and start delivering” on HS2.

A series of recent reports have revealed the project costs could spiral to around £106billion for the controversial high speed rail project, which will cut through parts of Lichfield and surrounding villages.

The latest publication linked to HS2 from the National Audit Office (NAO) says the risks of the project were not fully considered during the planning of the line.

But Paul Faulkner, chief executive of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce said the region needed to see progress on “the most important infrastructure project in a generation”:

“We welcome the release of the NAO report as once again all focus is on HS2 and that gives us the chance to re-state the case for this game-changing programme.

“Those against the project will no doubt point to the headline figures listed in relation to spiralling costs, but to be honest, these are nothing new. Even a cursory glance at the stocktake report produced by Allan Cook, chair of HS2, reveals similar figures and timeframes.

“A few things stood out within the report – firstly, it makes it clear that construction must start in March 2020, to avoid further delays on the opening of Phase One and that any additional postponements will drive up costs.

“I’m sure the irony isn’t lost on the government that sitting on the Oakervee Review for three months has created uncertainty and knocked investor confidence, an unnecessary by-product of the lackadaisical approach favoured thus far by this administration despite the huge amount riding on the project.

“Ultimately, both this report and the leaked findings of the Oakervee Review point in the same direction, HS2 needs to happen if we are to unlock the latent prosperity that lies in our great region and beyond.

“Let’s not forget that the only people who will lose out if HS2 doesn’t go ahead are the millions that voted for this Government to make good on their promise to deliver real change and level up the disparities between the regions and so our message to the Prime Minister is clear – cut the dithering and start delivering.”

Paul Faulkner, Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

“A national embarrassment”

But campaigners said the latest report further reinforced the fact HS2 has become “a national embarrassment”.

Stop HS2 campaign manager Joe Rukin said:

“It now is clear we have all lied to for years over the costs, timescales and benefits of this environmentally damaging project.

“We would say the scandal that is HS2 couldn’t get any worse than this, but we know it will. This national embarrassment has to be cancelled immediately, and surely the only question now is deciding which are the projects that will be built instead of this terminal white elephant.”

Joe Rukin, Stop HS2


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2 replies on “Business leaders tell Government to "stop dithering" over HS2”

  1. I am all for building infrastructure if it addresses the right issues. Building an elite rail line serving few stations and probably unaffordable to use except by the rich is not one of them. It is also patently obvious that it’s intention is to serve London and not the provinces as clever marketing pretends.
    Capacity on the route clearly needs improving but saving 20 minutes at very best with this project is a nonsense when train punctuality is so poor anyway.
    I can understand why the Chamber of Commerce want it to go forward. They have always been good at promoting cash hungry projects. At some level their members stand to gain with £106,000,000,000,000 + up for grabs.
    With so many environmental issues now at stake and an urgent need to re-appraise public transport across the country there is no room for these South East orientated schemes. The nation is calling out for a more egalitarian approach to capital distribution. The HS2 will do nothing for this. It is also negated because phase two will never be built. What message will that send to anywhere north of Watford?

  2. Totally agree with Philip Allso. Stop this crazy millstone around our necks. It will not be of not much benefit to the ordinary folk among us.

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