Burntwood Action Group delivering responses from residents to Lichfield District Council

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Campaigners fighting to save Green Belt land in Burntwood say they hope Lichfield District Council will listen to the “significant response” of local residents.

A consultation of Lichfield District Council’s Local Plan concluded on 24th January.

Part of the land which could be moved out of the Green Belt

Among the proposals was to remove an area of farmland in Burntwood from the Green Belt.

The plan led to a public meeting on the issue – and Burntwood Action Group said hundreds had formally responded to the consultation.

A spokesperson said:

“As a result of our determination to expose and publicise this attempt by Lichfield District Council to surreptitiously make this land available for future development, our chairman yesterday delivered 612 hard copy objection letters to the council offices.

“In addition, many have also objected by email and by commenting on the council’s website planning portal.

“Burntwood Action Group also submitted a detailed 10 page response to the Local Plan Review.

“We now wait to see if Lichfield District Council heed the significant response of Burntwood residents to their proposals – we will surely discover if their assertion that they want to empower and work with the local population holds true.”

Burntwood Action Group spokesperson


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3 replies on “Campaigners hope council will recognise "significant response" to plan for Burntwood farmland to be removed from the Green Belt”

  1. What happens when they build on all fields we will start to get to get flooded they are there for a reason we are struggling in Burntwood for packed rds doctors I think we are already struggling on all aspects please lichfield council give your heads a shake

  2. Excuse me, but BAG are not pointing out they are in a position to put their complaints to the Tory District councillor and other Tories. They also don’t mention the other adjacent parcel of land. Is this because the construction traffic will go past their collective front doors?

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