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Builders have been told they can’t block off parking bays outside Lichfield primary schools.

Developers working on a new housing project on the site of a former nursery coned off a stretch of the road on Cherry Orchard last week.

But after complaints from parents, Lichfield District Council leader Cllr Doug Pullen says colleagues at Staffordshire County Council have confirmed that the workmen will not be allowed to block off the area in future without permission.

Cllr Helen Fisher, Cabinet member for highways and transport at Staffordshire County Council said:

“Our highways team have received reports of cones on the road but following an inspection of the area, no cones were found. 

“An inspector has also spoken to the contractor about the issue.”

Cllr Helen Fisher, Staffordshire County Council

The issue of parking on Cherry Orchard has long been a bone of contention along the stretch of road which houses three primary schools.

In 2016, a county councillor drew criticism from headteachers after saying new parking restrictions would improve pupil safety.

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8 replies on “Builders told they can't block parking bays outside Lichfield primary schools”

  1. I live by a school in Lichfield and it’s an absolute pain getting to my drive during tearm time. It doesn’t just happen during dropping off picking up time but thought out the day too with parents going to the school. I have a drop curb and it’s illegal to park but still happens. Thing is I’m disabled and need to get to my drive. I also have alot of nursing care through out the year and need them to be able to get to me for treatment after surgery. Parents just don’t care where they park. They feel they have a right & I don’t. I wanted to get a white line across my drive but was told I had to pay for it. It’s far to expensive for me as I’m on a very limited income due to being disabled. Parking Infront of my drive is an everyday accurance. No consideration for local residents. I’ve even seen cars blocking of roads just to park for school. On grass verges. The council even had to put signs up not to park on the grass because it was getting dangerous.

  2. I live by Rawlett school in Tamworth and parents driving on the pavement is a daily practice , often just missing the children by inches !! This is despite the double yellow lines and cycle path .

  3. It’s understandable that with busy schedules of parents going to work straight from dropping children off at school more space is being demanded. But I find this is a selfish and unfair ask. The simple solution would be to act taking up spaces. If you don’t need to drive your children, let them walk. If you do, consider parking a bit further from the school to allow them to stretch their legs before they have to sit down for the rest of the morning.

    Also, where are the builders supposed to park in this case? They need to be close to the site to work there and to move equipment presumably. Parents should only need to be there for a few minutes both ends of the school day. Why should they get the bay and not workers?

  4. Issue was that builders weren’t parked there, they just coned it off. I get them keeping the entry free, but not a stretch of bays beyond the site. They couldn’t take those bays for their own parking anyway as they have parking restrictions and time limits on them. Also, why did they write to school saying they wouldn’t impact on traffic movements and then cone it off the very next day???

    The council moved all of the roads near the school to parking restrictions a few years back so how far would you like us to walk? The council pretended this wasn’t an issue when they approved a third school on a road with inadequate provision a few years ago. We all said it would cause problems and it has. But the county and district councillors haven’t had to live with the consequences as they’ve all happily enjoyed their free refreshments and yearly allowance without worrying about how the plebs live with their decisions.

    As a Catholic school, At Joe’s attracts kids from across the district. We have a three mile journey to school, not really feasible to walk.

    As parents who travel we too get annoyed by those who live within walking distance driving their Chelsea tractors, but reducing the amount of available space by builders being builders and thinking they own the road doesn’t help anyone.

  5. 3 Miles is not that bad a walk, back in the 1950’s when I was at school it was a regular walk as the Midland Red bus frequently did not turn up and one walked as mum did not have a car only legs

  6. ML – the 1950s didn’t have the level of traffic on the roads. It’s hardly like for like. Happy to walk three miles to school if I’ve only got avoid a car every few minutes!

  7. If all the kids walked instead of being driven and that includes secondary school kids there would not be as many cars on the road. You have only got to look at the difference between term time traffic and holiday traffic

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