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Councillors in Burntwood are warning that the town’s facilities are struggling to cope with a rising population.

The comments came in a formal response from Burntwood Town Council to Lichfield District Council’s Local Plan consultation.

Cllr Rob Birch

In the document sent by Cllr Rob Birch, the town council’s chair of planning and development, the local authority is warned that continuing development was putting key services under severe strain.

“The main concern for residents of Burntwood is the lack of investment in infrastructure, which has been prevalent over many years with investment being clearly seen in other local areas such as Lichfield and Cannock.

“In comparison to those nearby areas, Burntwood appears to have seen a degradation over the years with facilities locally failing to keep pace with the increase in population and respective increase in housing allocations.

“Health care facilities are significantly reduced, retail allocation is limited and school places are coming under increasing pressure.

“Public transport is now non-existent in some areas of the town and significantly reduced when compared to the level of service provision some years ago and elsewhere in the area

“Burntwood is also lacking in a clearly identifiable and well-developed town centre which could be seen as the location of community focus for events and facilities.”

Cllr Rob Birch, Burntwood Town Council

“The threat of urban sprawl”

The Local Plan will outline Lichfield District Council’s strategy for the development of the area going forward.

But it has already drawn criticism from campaigners in Burntwood over plans to move some areas out of the Green Belt, a step which some residents say would lead to further housing development.

Burntwood Town Council’s response also warns of the threat of “urban sprawl”.

“Future areas earmarked as suitable for housing development are also of primary concern.

“Burntwood is a discreet but significant town, separated from the surrounding conurbations by Green Belt specifically to guard against the threat of urban sprawl.

“The Green Belt also provides a number of secondary functions in addition to and incidental to maintaining the boundaries of the town. It helps to provide open space that enhances the amenity and leisure opportunities for the residents and visitors to Burntwood.

“It also acts as a significant haven for wildlife and the development of the Green Belt does not occur without significant environmental and ecological detriment, as well as the social and leisure impact.

“For this reason, the response from Burntwood Town Council will reflect the overwhelming wish of Burntwood residents that the Green Belt boundaries surrounding the town should remain as is, with there being no exceptional case clearly identified for change with the evidence currently being put forward.”

Cllr Rob Birch, Burntwood Town Council


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

8 replies on “Councillors warn Burntwood facilities are struggling to cope with increasing number of new homes”

  1. Well said Rob, Chasetown specifically has had 100’s of houses build in the last 4 years, All up the High Street, Holly Blue Meadows, Burntwood Manor and now another 150 next to that. And what infrastructure and investment have we had with it? ZERO. We have a health centre coming to the east of Burntwood but that is a long time coming. The community is sick of houses without infrastructure, promises of shops that never come to fruition and investment that’s still hasn’t come! So again well said Rob.

  2. The increase in housing has had a massive impact on secondary school places. The EDA “catchment” area has now shrunken significantly, with residents who moved close to the school many years ago now told that there’s no way in. I should know, I experienced it myself.


    – New Health Centre work still not started (was meant to begin by now –

    – Old crusty portable buildings get planning permission until 2023 –

    – The road in and out of Burntwood has been re-surfaced by a drunken guy carrying a blow-torch and a rake…

  3. Our roads around. Burntwood are mainly rural and not meant for the heavy traffic that’s using them boy racers think it’s great because the narrow lanes are exciting to push the cars to their limit. More housing means moor cars which will create moor accidents residents are asking for traffic calming measures to slow the speeding motorists down falls on deaf ears. With the funding being the reason why. Cure the problem first before building more housing and creating a bigger problem

  4. One problem which needs addressing is that even IF roads in Burntwood could cope with extra traffic generated by the number of houses proposed in Lichfield’s local plan, most of the new traffic will (in the mornings) either be
    i)going towards Cannock, increasing the congestion at Five Ways Island or
    ii) heading towards Walsall, increasing the congestion at Charrington’s lights or
    iii) heading towards Lichfield on our newly-surfaced road (which looks and feels more like it has just been ‘scraped’ ready for re-surfacing!) and increasing the congestion at Pipe Hill.
    In the evenings the flow will be reversed because these three routes are the only really practical routes in and out of Burntwood.
    Lichfield councillors should try getting to work between 8 and 9 o’clock in the mornings for several weeks to find out what it’s like. I am now having to leave 30 minutes earlier than I used to have to 6 years ago!

  5. What this country wants is not more houses but less people.
    This country is already overpopulated, You will never solve a problem if you do not look at the causes that created the problem.
    The Goverment and Lichfield c.c. do not provide the infrastructure
    when building new houses as these are stop gap decision and do not
    give a damm how it effects residence lives never trust what a politician says .

  6. A good point ‘Disillusioned’ and it is the root cause of many of the problems. The never asked question is ‘When is big enough?’. The higher echelons of society and the ‘captains of industry’ do not concern themselves about such things so long as it leads to greater profits. There is no obvious answer to this elephant in the room and government and local councils think they can build themselves out of the problem. The likes of Birmingham, London and Manchester use the satellite communities as overspill and those communities themselves start the exponential spiral of growth as we have seen in Tamworth and now Lichfield. Sadly the situation in Lichfield has further been effected by the distortion (deliberately? ) of the age demographic. It is now no place for young people. Now look, we have a moan on here and it disappears in an hour or two. The problems won’t and nor will those who we should be lauding rather than lambasting take any imaginative steps to leave a new heritage that will maintain the pride we inherited in a once jewel of a city.

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