Lichfield passengers are set to get a reduction on their fares this summer as a train operator outlined further plans to compensate for poor performance.

West Midlands Trains – which operates West Midlands Railway and London Northwestern Railway – has already confirmed it would cut season ticket prices after a new timetable led to delays and disruption.

But now non-season ticket holders are also set to benefit with a 10% discount on walk-up fares for off-peak journeys during July and August.

New managing director Julian Edwards said further announcements would soon be made regarding compensation linked to holiday periods.

“Our performance during the second half of last year was simply unacceptable. I’ve put in place a clear plan of improvements which is already having an impact.

“The number of trains arriving on time has increased by 29 per cent since Christmas with cancellations down by 39 per cent. Overall performance has increased by over 10 per cent.

“There is more to do, however, and we are making further timetable changes to improve performance, starting next month – with a commitment to only use stop-skipping as a last-resort and under extreme circumstances.

“This year we will also introduce brand-new trains on the network.”

Julian Edwards, West Midlands Trains


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One reply on “Lichfield train passengers to get summer discount on fares after delays and disruption”

  1. Non season ticket holders , off peak ? As the majority of delays are caused during peak times and the majority of customers affected are season ticket holders travelling in peak times to work and back what are you trying to acheive. Season ticket holders were given a 3% discount on season tickets, not really a discount , just the non-passing of a fare rise , talk about getting peoples backs up . Not a good start is it Mr Edwards , did you think this one up because you hope the majority of people in July and August will be on summer holiday’s thus limiting financial loss whilst at the same time trying to make out your the good guys. Here are a few examples of what would constitute a decent package for what we have had to go through.
    (1) offer a weekly season ticket that does not include Saturday and Sunday and reduce the cost of such.
    (2) Compensate season ticket holders with a 10% reduction in cost during July and August
    (3) six unit cars on all peak time travel.
    (4) Stop terminating trains early and get people to their destination.
    (5) Answer consumer complaints and be more informative and take responsiblity for your own failings.

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