An artist's impression of the new Bird Street courtyard area

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Proposals to remodel a car park as part of the new draft Lichfield city centre masterplan have been questioned by a local residents’ group.

The document outlining the future of the Bird Street site has called for the site to be redeveloped as a courtyard area with reduced parking.

But Beacon Street Area Residents’ Association (BSARA) say any move away from using the site for its current purpose would lead to issues with vehicles being left on residential streets.

The group’s chairman Bob Smith said:

“We are concerned about the proposals for a Bird Street courtyard, and we question why the Bird Street car park has even been considered as part of masterplan?

“When the Neighbourhood Plan referendum took place and we raised the potential of this happening, Lichfield City Council indicated this was unlikely to happen – this was always going to be an area of conflict between the city and district councils.

“The knock on of effect of the removal of the majority of car parking from Bird Street will mean that pressures on street parking along Beacon Street and side streets will undoubtedly increase.”

Bob Smith, Beacon Street Area Residents’ Association

The draft masterplan suggested the Bird Street courtyard area would create new housing and commercial units along Minster Pool – but would see the loss of more than 100 car parking spaces.

But BSARA say losing car parking provision from this side of the city would pose problems for visitors and residents alike.

“We have to question where people visiting the cathedral and attending Beacon Park events will park.

“This does not take into consideration shoppers who use the car park because of its proximity and easy access to shops, restaurants, cafes, the market and the relocated library.

“The car park is a massive asset to those businesses, let alone the revenues that it brings in for Lichfield District Council’s finances.

“We made these points very clearly at the consultation drop ins at the library and as major stakeholders formally responding to the consultation.”

Bob Smith, Beacon Street Area Residents’ Association

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3 replies on “City centre masterplan proposal for car park criticised by Lichfield residents' group”

  1. The City Centre Masterplan for Lichfield looks like an advert that should be rewritten thus:-
    ‘City Centre views of Lichfield Cathedral for Sale. Building plots available to highest bidder, see LDC for details’
    Lichfield’s best assets already exist, they’ve been built up over centuries, this generation needs to cherish our historic legacy, conserve it, preserve it for future generations not sell it to the highest bidder.

  2. Losing car parking space in Bird Street Carpark is going to keep people away from tbe City with nowhere central to park. With the new outlet centre at Cannock and Venture Park Tamworth. Is this really the right way to go. Empty shops in Lichfield now if this goes ahead there will be a few more. Lots of new housing coming too. Where is everyone to park to shop in the City.

  3. Housing!!!!! You’ll have to be b….. rich to afford those with the amazing view of the cathedral.
    Absolutely ridiculous, it’s hard enough to get a parking space now. Further nail in the coffin of Lichfield’s retailers. When will the council get the message.
    Appalled resident.

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