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The MP for Lichfield and Burntwood has been recreated in an unusual artwork.

Local artist and metal worker Keith Ashby used photographs of Michael Fabricant before developing a bust of the Conservative MP made from spoons, knives and forks, as well as a whisk, colander and cheese grater.

The bust of Michael Fabricant made from cutlery

Mr Fabricant said it was a real surprise to see the new creation.

“This is the most original work of art I have seen for a long time. I understand that local business Arthur Price were supplied some of the forks, spoons and knives, while friends provided other materials.

“Keith has an incredible talent and it was a lovely surprise to see this. 

“It came completely out of the blue and was like looking in the mirror – except I was made of spoons.”

Michael Fabricant MP


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  1. Support art. Support the artist even though the sculpture does look rather feminine. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. Must be the artist’s perception. Art is a subjective experience after all.

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