The Bishop of Lichfield (centre) during his visit to Cork

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The Bishop of Lichfield says he is keen to develop closer ties with the Anglican Church in Ireland in the wake of Brexit.

In a joint statement, the Bishop of Lichfield and the Rt Revd Dr Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, said it was important to ensure good relations continued at a time of uncertainty.

The Bishop of Lichfield, the Rt Revd Dr Michael Ipgrave, visited Ireland in November to further links with the Diocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

Bishop Michael and the Bishop of Cork, the Rt Revd Dr Paul Colton, issued the following joint statement today:

“Our two dioceses are actively exploring the possibilities of exchange and a deepening of relationships not only in the context of our common membership of the Anglican Communion of Churches, but also against the backdrop of Brexit.

“In these days following Brexit and as the relationships between peoples on these islands unfolds anew, we believe it is important to think not only of commerce and trade, but also of what it means, in the broadest sense, to be good neighbours in this part of the world.”

The Bishop of Lichfield and the Bishop of Cork

The Diocese of Lichfield already has a partnership link with the Nordkirche Lutheran Church in Northern Germany who on Friday (31st January) reaffirmed their commitment to the link in the wake of Brexit.

“Brexit was not a vote to leave Europe – it is about leaving the European Union.

“We are part of a larger family of Christians and we can encourage one other by learning from each other and enriching one another’s life.

“We will look at specific and tangible ways we can do this across our two dioceses in the coming months as our link develops.”

The Bishop of Lichfield and the Bishop of Cork

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