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A cafe business has confirmed it will open a new outlet in Lichfield as part go the redevelopment of the former Regal Cinema in the city.

Boston Tea Party (BTP) will open in the Tamworth Street venue towards the end of the summer, creating around 30 new jobs.

It will be the Bristol-based company’s 25th outlet across the UK and have seating for 150 people inside and outside.

CEO and co-owner Sam Roberts said:

“Every BTP is unique and designed to be sympathetic to the building and surroundings. That’s why we were so excited to discover the extraordinary former Regal Cinema where we will take our design cues from the art deco building.

“We’re aiming to create a community hub for Lichfield, a place to share great food and drink.”

Sam Roberts, Boston Tea Party

The company’s family-friendly cafes serve up ethically sourced food and drink, including an award-winning all day breakfast, speciality coffees and homemade smoothies and juices.

Sam added that the company had also banned single use cups from its cafes in 2018.

“We put the company purpose of Making Things Better at the centre of everything we do.

“Whether you bring the family for brunch or pop in to grab a takeaway coffee – remember to bring your reusable cup – you’ll leave knowing you’ve done a little bit of good too.”

Sam Roberts, Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party is currently recruiting to fill management, front of house, chef and barista positions at its Lichfield outlet. Anyone in interested can send a current CV and a covering letter including the position being applied for to


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  1. Hahaha Philip Jones. Love it!! You are so right. No doubt it will be a stop-off for those travelling from London to Manchester on the fated HS2. Not locals.

  2. BTP will be an excellent addition to that area of town, which has been an eyesore for so long. Lichfield is improving every year, despite the naysayers – I don’t hate having more choice & variety to spend my money in!

  3. Fab, there aren’t anywhere enough cafes in Lichfield so this is great news. We also need more banks and phone shops as I struggle to get into the small number we have here.

  4. Glad to see the building used, it’s a shame the initiative to get the building revamped as an art cinema didn’t gain traction, given how many cafes we have in the town and the demise of Friarsgate, a boutique cinema would’ve been lovely.

  5. Another cafe, as we don’t have enough. And the prices!!!! I won’t be visiting. Council needs to get its act together and not just say yes to every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to open a cafe. WE HAVE ENOUGH, THANKS.

  6. I walked past the Regal yesterday. Must say the top half is beginning to look quite smart. Glad to see it being preserved as the art deco period has few examples in Lichfield. It is always difficult to find a cost effective use for defunct buildings and I think this has been a pragmatic solution.
    As for the cafe, well I walk around the city quite a lot and one of the depressing things I see is dusty envelopes at the door of once someone’s hopes and aspirations. Competition is fine but it requires only a small reverse in the economy to make cafe business untenable. The level of such businesses in Lichfield must be near saturation point and needs some sort of council control. It would be sad to see the enterprise cafe in the Regal suffer the same fate as the host building, and anything that might follow.

  7. The menu does appear to be expensive. Only the wealthy people of Lichfield will be able to afford it. Perhaps that includes the councillors who made the decision.

  8. To be honest I don’t think it’s the people who actually live in Lichfield who visit this kind of establishment, I for one keep well away at weekends and likewise food festivals etc, but I suppose if you want a day out these kind of places are there to cater for the out of towners , allbeit in suffocating abundance.

  9. Looking forward to a new venue, never too many cafe/coffee bars for me,should be a really welcome addition to Lichfield, one of my favourite places to visit.Good luck with the new venture

  10. This new venture can only add to Lichfield’s appeal. Not only a place for food and drink but a place to meet. I hope both locals and visitors will welcome and support such investments, and job opportunities, in the City.

  11. But surely as a “place to meet” you’d have to be a customer? As for job opportunities they will be minimum-wage jobs. Yes, let’s party!

  12. I wonder if the plans are in position for its conversion to more flats…once the food business goes belly up of course.

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