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Residents living near the route of a proposed new development say plans to manage traffic flow on a key route nearby will have “a significant impact” on people travelling in and out of Lichfield.

The proposals for the London Road has been submitted as part of an outline planning application for new developments on land bordering Cricket Lane.

But the newly-formed South Lichfield Community Alliance has criticised the plans which they say could see six sets of traffic lights along the London Road between the A38 exit and the junction with Shortbutts Lane and the A51.

Some of the junctions would allow for access to new housing estates, while others would connect with proposed commercial units.

But spokesperson Robin Hawley said the changes would mitigate any reduction in congestion the new Lichfield Southern Bypass – which will connect with the London Road – might bring.

“The council have for decades been promoting a Southern Bypass. Now they are about to get a new shiny rail bridge and a bypass – then place six sets of traffic lights on the entrance and exit to Lichfield along the A38.

“This will be ridiculed by the community if it is allowed to go ahead.

“There is increasing evidence that traffic lights such as this in close succession promote congestion and increase the noise and air pollution locally from stop-starting of vehicles.

“You do not need to be a highway specialist to know that such an arrangement will cause delays.”

Robin Hawley

“There should be a working group”

The new Cricket Lane scheme would see 520 new homes built along with space for employment use.

Part of the London Road into Lichfield. Picture: Google Streetview

Mr Hawley, who has worked as a project director on a number of major international developments, said residents were not objecting to the proposed use of land, but were concerned over the impact on local roads and services.

“We are disappointed with the way this application has been handled.

“The south Lichfield developments are likely to be the largest development in the city for the next decade – but is being dealt with no differently to a local house extension.

“There should be a working group that coordinates the developments involving the significant stakeholders which includes residents groups and Lichfield City Council, but this has not happened.”

Robin Hawley

Another area of concern raised by the residents group is plans for the construction of new 18-metre high ‘logistics sheds’ near the exit from the A38 island.

Mr Hawley said such a development would have a negative impact on the city.

“The alliance and Lichfield District Council have made representations to stop the 18-metre high logistic shed proposal that will have a significant visual impact on this main gateway to the city and the surrounding residential area.

“The Local Plan calls for ‘high value employment’ not high quality storage sheds which provide low value employment and will eventually be automated.”

Robin Hawley

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8 replies on “Residents criticise proposal for six sets of traffic lights on key route in and out of Lichfield”

  1. My understanding was that the Cricket Lane site was sold to planning as a potential technology hub with substantial employment potential. Amazingly this has changed into a huge storage complex. Should this not be re-appraised?
    The “Southern Bypass”, so called, is in keeping with the lack of vision and the ineptitude of District planning. Congestion, pollution, and delay in what should have been built to provide free flowing traffic will be the inevitable outcome. We will see what happens with the railway bridge over St. John Street and the sight line approaching the canal bridge on Birmingham road. Plenty of accident potential I would think. I have never seen a six way traffic system that worked and doubt this will be the first. What the turning circle will be for large lorries joining or leaving the “Bypass” is difficult to see on site but it will be very tight. One thing for sure is that it dosent ‘bypass’ anything. Mr Hawley seems well qualified to express his opinions. Sadly the deaf ears of our Lichfield District Council are legendary. Perhaps we are approaching another debacle on the same scale as Friarsgate.

  2. The traffic lights that have been added to Streethay to allow traffic to join from the Roman Heights and Cathedral View Estates has certainly caused significant congestion and standing traffic where there was none before. This view was voiced in the planning stages and local residents concerns were considered scare mongering by the planning committee. I pity the residents who have these increases in noise and air pollution forced on them.

  3. Traffic congestion caused by badly phased traffic lights is already a massive issue, especially from the A38 at Streethay to the city centre. I live in the city centre and my journey can take twenty minutes at peak times. The congestion around Tesco is especially bad. More traffic lights? What a great idea!

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