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The decision to press ahead with HS2 has left Lichfield’s MP “bitterly disappointed”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave the green light to the controversial high speed rail scheme yesterday (11th February).

The route will pass through parts of Lichfield and surrounding villages.

Michael Fabricant

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said the current plans mean HS2 will never achieve what it should have done.

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“I am naturally bitterly disappointed that it has been decided to proceed with HS2 though I recognise this was a tough decision for the Prime Minister.

“This line does not connect with the main rail interchange in Birmingham, Birmingham New Street, and the Birmingham sector is just a spur off the main HS2 route from London to the North. Nor does HS2 connect with Heathrow or the Channel Tunnel. 

“So this is a missed opportunity to improve the line and make it more environmentally friendly – and cheaper – by rerouting it to follow an existing rail or transport corridor.

“Sadly, I suspect in years to come, people will look back and say ‘HS2 could have been so much better’.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Fabricant said it was important to ensure residents and businesses affected by the project are adequately compensated.

“Given that the decision has been made, I am pleased that the Boris recognises that HS2 Limited is a dysfunctional company and will need to be remanaged. 

“The Prime Minister also confirmed to me today, when I challenged him in the House of Commons, that compensation to those affected by HS2 should be generous.”

Michael Fabricant MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

15 replies on “HS2 decision leaves Lichfield MP "bitterly disappointed"”

  1. Our great & fearless leader had about as much input on this decision as an autumn leaf does about staying on the tree.
    What with the cheap European labour leaving after Brexit, and HS2 tearing up the countryside; farmers have not a lot to celebrate this month.

  2. People talk as if the present day rail transport problems will be resolved overnight. The reality is that many of us will be dead before these new networks come into use. It would be very philanthropic to think that the government had the needs of future generations in mind but I think the overriding consideration is the profits to be made in its construction. Some of the claims made in support of it are frankly ridiculous. Fourteen high speed trains leaving London per hour? (One every 4.4 minutes), time saved in travel time (although the stations will be further away) and, the greatest lie, the work transferring from London to the north! You would have to be a supreme optimist to believe that.
    High speed works best over large distances and for the distances covered by HS2 are unnecessary. When you think of the uses this eye watering amount of money could have been put to it makes you despair at the waste. There were probably many new millionaires in the construction industry drinking Champagne last night.

  3. As his lobbying against HS2 has proved ineffectual, there can only be one way forward for our bitterly disappointed MP.

    Surely he should now stand down in protest and force a by-election to truly signal his opposition to HS2? That would send a far more powerful message to his party’s leader than anything he’s said or written so far. It would be a more effective warning shot across the bows – or perhaps that should be buffers as we are talking about railways? – and may even give reason for his party to pause and reconsider.

    I’m sure our MP would gain a lot of local support if he was to resign in protest at HS2. I’d be happy to see him send this strong, powerful and meaningful message to the PM, as his weak, ineffectual and meaningless attempts so far have barely caused a ripple.

    Go for it Mr Fabricant. Resign. That’ll teach them to continually ignore every word you say!

  4. The big misconception about HS2 is that it will operate as a stand alone railway. It won’t. Trains will operate on the High Speed line and then move onto the conventional network to serve other places, so a train every 4 mins is perfectly feasible – it’s about how often fast trains zoom through Lichfield Trent Valley now without stopping. Moving the fast trains to the HS2 line will mean more trains stop in Lichfield, providing a much more frequent service to both London and the North. So HS2 will be great for places like Lichfield and Mr Fabricant should be celebrating… No doubt he’ll be lining up for credit once it is open!

  5. Stevo… I have not seen any line plan that would support your assertion. There is no way Lichfield will have access to HS2. This has been part of the problem, it wouldn’t be high speed if it keeps stopping!
    Likewise with your comment on Fabricant. Isn’t it a misconception to think that when this project is fully completed (2036-2040 optimistically) he will still be an MP?

  6. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if the £86 BILLION already spent on HS2 had been spent on the disadvantaged North instead of the South. Just imagine.

  7. The sad thing Megan is that nowhere near £86 Billion has been spent so far. Even with compensation the amount to stop now would be £12 Billion.
    Throwing good money after bad, a bottomless pit, stop digging when you are in a hole does not seem to apply to this situation. The Tories are always looking for capitalistic schemes to appease their backers. You won’t get away with a little lie but a media based whopper like this fools nearly everybody.
    Incidently, the same tactical approach is adopted by Lichfield District Council.

  8. A fast train is a fast train. Ever been on the French ones. They don’t stop. Also high speed trains are necessary in France because of the vastness of that country. Compared to France the UK is a tiny island and doesn’t quite require the same sort of train service. I think it’s just a case of envy and trying to keep up with the Joneses. Sad but true.

  9. Philip Allso – thank you for that information. I think I rather meant that given the go-ahead for HS2 by this Government that the money is already spent sort of thing. Yes I agree throwing good money after bad- is the theme of this bottomless pit. How to fool the electorate. Follow the money trail on this rich gravy train.

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