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A council leader says he remains committed to getting the best deal for people living in and around Lichfield who will be affected by HS2.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave the controversial high speed rail route the green light earlier this week.

He also backed the Handsacre Link which will allow some connections to be made to the route.

Cllr Philip Atkins, leader of Staffordshire County Council, said it was essential that all communities hit by the route were able to see some benefit.

“HS2 will cut through 45 miles of Staffordshire and from the outset we have championed the cause of our county and our communities in terms of securing meaningful mitigation and compensation.

“We have also made it clear that Staffordshire must share in the economic benefits and improved connectivity by securing the Handsacre Link as part of Phase One, which will allow both Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent to access HS2 compatible trains as well as improving connectivity to the North and South.

“Any proposal to discontinue the planned link would be unacceptable, so I am pleased that the Prime Minister has given his personal backing to Handsacre.

“With confirmation the high speed rail scheme will now go ahead our priority remains to get the best deal on HS2 and we will be working closely with the newly appointed full time dedicated HS2 Minister to ensure that the Government and HS2 Ltd deliver on their promises to Staffordshire.”

Cllr Philip Atkins, Staffordshire County Council

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13 replies on “Council leader says he remains committed to getting best HS2 deal for communities”

  1. Cllr Atkins…. While I admire your sentiment I doubt you will have much clout with the HS2 organisers. Their track (sic.) record thus far has been lamentable. The attitude to the disenfranchised house and land owners (not to mention the perminantly blighted who will receive no compensation) has been like something out of an Orwellian novel. As Staffordshire has been treated so contemptably by this scheme, without putting up much of a fight, it strikes me as too little too late.
    As for a ‘hub’ at Handsacre, well no disrespect to them but it is hardly at the heart of the county. Even if it happens!
    I appreciate you will be scrabbling for scraps but in reality we are too depressed by this debacle to much care now.

  2. So it’s Handsacre going to have to suffer all the disruption, with the consequences of more road construction and more traffic, given that’s where everyone further north and south will head to. It’s bad enough at Shenstone with so many driving there for the train, creating untold upset and difficulties for the residents. Well done Boris.

  3. Not a Hub at Handsacre a terminus because HS2 will never go any further. Boris was just electioneering in the north promising jam tomorrow if you get me in now it will be up to his puppeteer ( Cummings) as to what happens

  4. No idea what Boris has to do with people parking up at Shenstone to catch a train . But if its a problem surely there is enough land to make a profitable income from. The whole idea is to get peoplw off the roads and onto public transport. Every large City in the Coontry should have a highspeed link and use the existing tracks for commuters and freight. Otherwise probably not in the not to distant future everywhere will be gridlocked into places like Shenstone and Handsacre where residents will struggle to get to the main roads.

  5. HS2 will enable much better services at Lichfield Trent Valley and other Staffordshire towns because the fast trains that don’t stop currently will be diverted to the new line, freeing up space for more local services. The full specification for improved services hasn’t been published yet, but this report sets out what will be possible and what Cllr Atkins needs to be demanding: – (p.19)

  6. MoreRail I am not against more rail. Your last sentence is exactly what I was pointing out. You got there in the end. Bless. However do we really need ‘that’ high speed link to solve the problem of the North. The need for a better public transport service. Which not only could could happen but also help save the ancient woodlands with a bit of thought and imagination. Thinking inside the box with a ‘one track’ mind isn’t always the best solution. For us humans or the planet.

  7. Anyway time I stepped outside of this debate folks. Let’s see what happens. We have nothing to prove. That’s for Boris who is a Conservative PM after all looking to prove himself. I guess LDC doesn’t have much pulling power as trains go. Anyway Boris is beginning to look rather hunch backed. Guess it’s all the responsibility.

  8. Every one including politicians both local and national keeps rabbiting on about The north the says Birmingham. The North starts somewhere around Preston not Lichfield

  9. Any place North of Birmingham is North. Never got over when they changed the boundaries and part of Staffordshire became part of the Birmingham conurbation known as West Midlands. Just as Lichfield is becoming part of Birmingham by way of a satellite city, especially when all the housing eventually meets up. How soul destroying.

  10. Oh well except to clarify that I do agree with Mike that half the population won’t be alive to see it happen. The whole of this debacle shouts utter and total incompetence of a Government that has not only deceived the people but committed itself to the destruction of the environment and wildlife along with it. It is apparent that this Conservative Government’s only interest lies in the South of this beautiful gem of an island of which the North of Birmingham is priceless in terms of it’s natural outstanding beauty. However this island is sinking under the Government’s incompetence which will probably happen once the Northern flooded areas meet up for it has neither a clue nor a heart. Rather like the tin man. Sad that the Conservative MP and Councillors are impotent against their own masters. And if Boris’ Olympics is mentioned again I think I shall scream hahaha. That Boris!! is past and gone. The Olympics is not going to solve this problem. Accept your limits. The planet has moved on since then.

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