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Almost 150 metres of hedgerow could be chopped down if plans submitted to Lichfield District Council are approved.

A local landowner has applied for permission to remove two sections at Streetway Farm in Shenstone to enable farming land to be viable after other plots were bought up to accommodate HS2.

A document supporting the application says that the controversial railway scheme has meant the existing fields are no longer suitable in their current guise.

“Following the acquisition of land to build HS2, the owner will be left with a reduction in the area of two fields of 3.82ha and 1.26ha.

“In order to enlarge these fields to make it economically viable to grow an arable crop, it is necessary to removal two sections of hedgerow totalling a length of 144 metres.”

Report on hedgerows at Streetway Farm

A report by an expert has said that both stretches of hawthorn were considered “not important under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997”.

Full details of the proposal are available on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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11 replies on “Hedgerows could be cut down to make Shenstone farming fields "commercially viable" after HS2 land acquisition”

  1. This again is another area where HS2 is destroying the country side. The government were encouraging farmers to construct and protect hedgerows for wild life but looks like this doesn’t matter anymore as long as HS2 gets it’s way. Most of the countryside around Lichfield has been destroyed by this project.

  2. The cynic in me sees:

    2020 Hedgerow cut down
    2021 Sadly, the land is not commercially viable
    2022 Housing estate application received and approved

  3. Whilst I understand the Farmer in this case I think this is again another problem resulting from the Mad Hatter scheme of Boris and his crazy HS2. WE NEED HEDGES, the same as we need TREES, and the ECO system provided by all the types of CREATURES that keep this BEAUTIFUL PLANET going. I am a WITNESS to what happens when we get rid of hedges and trees. I witnessed the same thing happening in France but there it was not because of HS2 but the farmer’s need to compete with the supermarkets. I saws fields where the hedges and years old trees were cut down, destroyed. I witnessed the hedgehogs I used to see early evening in my headlights crossing the lane, disappear. I saw how taking away the hedgerows and trees caused the topsoil to fall away, blocking the gates of homes in the lane. This is the Reality not my imagination. I have seen it with my own eyes. THIS IS CAUSE AND EFFECT. Continuing along this Mad Hatter route will prove to be no good. The earth will become a desolate region with no fruits for anyone even those whose only interest is in the money they will make from the mad scheme of HS2.

  4. We should be planting trees and planting hedgerows around lichfield and burntwood to offset all the carbon. We owe it to the younger generation. We should be helping nature not destroying it

  5. It is not farms that are the problem the farmer in question probably has a combine with a 30 metre header so can’t cope with small fields he now has. But it is the council allowing developers to remove hedges and spinnies look at the development by Waitrose

  6. I hate that green netting over some hedges. It is to stop birds nesting. It then makes it easier for the hedgerows to be removed.

    Then developers can build, build, build. Sorry, create communities.

  7. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m stuck in a wheelchair I’d go along and remove the dreaded netting. Why should HS2 be allowed to run roughshod over peoples homes & that of our wildlife. Got bats in your loft, tough luck you’re stuck with them. Bats in a wood or copse, no problem they’ll just RIP it out & carry on desecrating our beloved countryside. Yet again 1 rule for the fat rich cats & another for the normal hard working members of the population. It’s an utter disgrace.

  8. Building housing estates doesn’t create communities. You cant force  residents to form communities either. Communities happen naturally because of people having time to spend and recreate together. It isn’t like the ‘olden’ days  as it was when when I was young. Then workers lived nearer home, more often than not were able to walk to work or take a bus and worked until 5pm having an hour’s lunch period with a properly cooked meal at midday. They usually had weekends off or didn’t have to work every weekend.They didn’t have to travel an hour and a half or more to and from work. Most people didn’t have cars as I was saying to a young man recently. By the time I had retired working life had changed completely and it was all about tick boxes and numbers not human beings. With the stick to keep it all going and the carrot of profit at the steering wheel. There was little time to do anything other than work sitting having your lunch at your desk in order to get whatever needed to be done, done. Grist to the treadmill. Getting up early to get to and from work in order to miss rush hour traffic, arriving home after experiencing traffic jams all I wanted to do was fix something to eat, watch an hour of stultifying TV because that’s all ny brain could take, (not that I was really watching it), then go to bed so as to get up early again the next morning. Too tired to even spend the evening reading. Guess the scenario has possibly worsened these days having spoken to quite a few working people some of whom can’t stop yawning. Some try to pack ‘relaxation’ classes and the leisure centre and suchlike into busy schedules but it just becomes part of the treadmill. Life is different now. Housing estates don’t create communities. People do. Or did.

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