New rules could be introduced across Lichfield and Burntwood to make sure dog owners always have poop bags with them.

Councillors are set to discuss proposals to bring in a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) – which is designed to tackle anti-social behaviour – at a meeting next week.

If the proposals were to get the green light, dog owners could be targeted if they:

  • Allow their dogs to enter a fenced off children’s play area.
  • Don’t have “an appropriate receptacle” to pick up dog poo.

A report from Cllr Angela Lax, cabinet member for legal and regulatory services, said one previous PSPO forcing to pick up their pet’s mess would also be reviewed.

“The council’s environmental crime strategy was approved at the regulatory and licensing committee in July 2018.

“The minutes of that meeting highlight the suggestion by a Members Task Group that a new PSPO is consulted upon to require dog walkers to carry an appropriate receptacle – commonly a dog bag – to pick up dog faeces.

“Whilst consideration must be given to the need for any order, dog fouling continues to be a problem throughout the UK and our district is no exception, in spite of significant reductions in the last few years.

“It is therefore considered appropriate to continue with an order which requires those in charge of dogs to pick up their dog’s faeces.

“The proposed dog bag related PSPO is in place at a number of other authorities. Dog fouling meets the criteria for a PSPO and it naturally follows that it is reasonable for any person in charge of a dog to have the means to pick up, should their dog foul.”

Cllr Angela Lax, Lichfield District Council

But despite the recommendation from Cllr Lax’s colleagues that the carrying of poop bags could become compulsory, Cllr Lax warns any such move would have implications for the local authority.

“It is worth pointing out that any PSPO which is created must be enforced and the council should consider whether the necessary resources exist to enforce any PSPO which is set up.

“Failure to enforce can be counterproductive with members of the public clearly ignoring requirements and thus weaken any case for taking legal action on those who are caught not complying.”

Cllr Angela Lax, Lichfield District Council

The proposals will be discussed at a meeting of Lichfield District Council’s regulatory and licensing committee on 25th February.

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  1. I always carry bags but the dog buns seem to have had a cut back on the times they are emptied leading to overflow

  2. Haha brilliant. Whilst I hate dog pooh as much as the next person this is just a colossal waste of public monies to police this. I think a better use is get some of the many thousand elderly to do some poop patrols. Heck there is enough of them in Lichfield now the entire centre is dominated with retirement homes. Nothing for low income families or affordable housing.

  3. Dog owners must be responsible for their dogs. If someone has to go around clearing up after them they will never learn to be responsible citizens. Perhaps with dog ownership comes some kind of contract that has to be signed. A contract about picking up their dog poo. I don’t see why I should do it for them. Otherwise we will be going around clearing up after all those who will feel free to throw away anything they want knowing there is someone there to do the cleaning up job for them. Especially dog poo!!! Doing its for them could lead to more people being just as irresponsible.

  4. Perhaps dog owners should also be made to attend education courses at the outset of obtaining a dog, so they are fully aware of their responsibilities. And they should be made to pay for these courses. If they are rescue dogs then the relevant agency needs to make sure that the prospective owner is fully aware of their responsibilities regarding dog ownership.

  5. To qualify my previous comment, there is need to understand that owning a dog is costly and means undertaking a duty of care and responsibility for it all of the animal’s life. Even more than a child in some respects. And finding someone to care for the animal if one needs to be away from home for a while. One needs to be able to afford the cost of keeping a dog. This is the reason I do not have one. I have thought about dog ownership long and hard having had a dog previously. It is a choice I have made not to have one even though emotionally I am sometimes almost persuaded.I think dogs are wonderful animals to have around. But consider the cost, upkeep and responsibility.

  6. The dog poo on hilltop view and handsacre crescent, handsacre it is terrible we get all the people off new estate walk there dogs round our block and poo and leave it. Also the playing field were kids play football and games in summer right by village hall Armitage and police station they let dogs poo all over it no dogs should be allowed on it come on councillors do something about it

  7. I do love dogs have to say. I’m not against them. May even decide to have one. Still thinking of the responsibility of keeping one though. I will definitely use poo bags though if I do. I would never expect anyone else to pick it up. I occasionally look after my daughter’s dog. She’s lovely.

  8. This won’t stop the dirty bastards lobbing their bagged up shit over fences and in bushes.

    The council have been made aware several times and have put up signs and done leaflet drops.

    It has done nothing to deter them.
    A few weeks pass then its back to flinging poo in the bushes.
    We have now mounted CCTV to catch these people in the act and yes I will be shaming them via facebook et al.

    What has happened to society where things like this are deemed “OK”?

    Absolutely shocking behaviour – if i actually catch someone doing it – you’re damned right i’ll treat them the same as I would a puppy – by rubbing their noses in it !!!
    I wont be divulging where in Burntwood this is happening…. i’m not giving the offenders a chance to avoid it and do it somewhere else.

  9. Perhaps those who leave their dog poo about whether in bags or not should be made to go to court and be put on a Community Service Order which entails going around the City picking up dog poo.

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