The lifts during the initial construction at Lichfield Trent Valley

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Lichfield’s MP says delays on installing new lifts at a local railway station are “very disappointing”.

A long-awaited scheme to make all three platforms fully accessible was originally due to be completed in June 2019.

Delays to the project led to a new opening date of the end of 2020 being touted.

But now Michael Fabricant MP said he has been informed the lifts will not open until March.

Michael Fabricant with Harpreet Singh-Moore and Richard Brooks of Network Rail with plans for the project back in 2018

“When I met the Network Rail lift planning team back in December 2018, I was delighted that the Government had provided funding for these much needed lifts and I was told they would be open in June the following year.

“I was then told that delays due to problems with the foundations would put back the opening until October. 

“Then I was told they would be open by the end of the year.  Then I was told that problems with the lift components would mean that the lifts would not be open until the end of January. 

“And now I am told the opening will be the end of March – I’ll believe that when it happens.”

Michael Fabricant MP

The Conservative MP said the delays were unacceptable.

“If my old company had performed in that manner with the construction of far more complex radio stations, we would have gone bust long ago. 

“This sort of limp performance has been reflected in the construction of Crossrail in London too which is delayed and over budget.  At this rate, HS2 will not be open until the year 2100 – if then!

“All in all, this is very disappointing and a poor reflection of the competence of this Network Rail team.

“I will endeavour to keep up the pressure on this project.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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6 replies on “MP says delays on new lifts at Lichfield Trent Valley are "very disappointing"”

  1. The lifts are going to be useful to me. But isn’t there an issue not being looked at ? Where’s the trains … they’re never running on time or cancelled or am I missing the point here !

  2. We need express trains to stop not the ones that take forever to get to and from Euston having stopped at every station and being over crowded

  3. I remember Fabs election literature telling me he had delivered lifts to LTV.

    Surely they could have listed all his other successes for the local area such as.

    Give me a while. I am sure I will be able to think of something.

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