The style of CCTV camera being proposed

Plans have been submitted for a new camera to be installed in part of Lichfield city centre not covered by CCTV.

A review of the camera network by Lichfield District Council has revealed the need for the new equipment to cover the junction of Bird Street and Market Street.

A planning application is hoping to see the camera mounted on 10 Bird Street, which is currently home to the Viking E-Cigs shop.

A statement supporting the proposal said:

“The council have undertaken a full review of their CCTV monitoring service in line with their current operational requirements as well as a full technical review of their ageing systems with a view to potential upgrades of the CCTV scheme, removing the risk of equipment obsolescence and reducing their rising annual maintenance and revenue costs.

“As part of these reviews, Lichfield District Council have identified the need to provide additional camera coverage to the junction of Market Street and Bird Street.

“This additional camera location will provide much needed coverage of an area of the city that is not currently covered by existing camera positions.”

Planning statement

The high definition camera will be installed around seven metres off the ground.

A matte black heritage-style bracket and camera is proposed.

Full details of the plan can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. If we are to follow the premise that “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear” then perhaps we can have cameras at Lichfield District Council meetings. They have been much maligned of recent times and this measure would demonstrate the true merit of their deliberations. It might even encourage the electorate to think more carefully at local elections.

  2. Many councils film their meetings and make them available on their website. I wonder if LDC would do so then we will see/hear the quality of each councillors contributions. How about it Cllr Pullen??

  3. Are Lichfield’s CCTV cameras monitored at all times? If not there’s not much point having them. I get the distinct impression the centre is considered easy pickings for the criminally-minded with virtually zero policing and very few secirity guards in shops.

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