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A Burntwood school has confirmed it will change its name and uniform.

In a letter to parents, Chase Terrace Technology College’s headmaster said it planned to become Chase Terrace Academy from 1st September.

The change will also mean new uniforms for pupils when the new academic year starts.

Executive headteacher Dr Stuart Jones said:

“We are writing to inform you of our decision to make changes to the school uniform and brand for Chase Terrace Technology College.

“The school has, over the last year, had a new leadership structure and has reinforced our strongly ambitious expectations for all our students.

“As part of this rebranding Chase Terrace Technology College will become Chase Terrace Academy from September 2020.”

Dr Stuart Jones, Chase Terrace Technology College

The move means both of Burntwood’s secondary schools will now be badged as academies after Erasmus Darwin Academy switched from its previous title of Chasetown High School.

The uniform changes will impact most students, with some made exempt.

Dr Jones added:

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“We recognise that parents may be intending to buy uniforms very soon for the new academic year in September and want to ensure we have given them enough time to plan these purchases.

“We have carefully considered the costs and value for money for the new uniform and have ensured that products can be bought from a range of outlets at no more cost than the current uniform.

“We have not applied these changes to current year 10 students as we understand that purchasing new uniform would not give value for money, given that students would only wear the items for part of one year.”

Dr Stuart Jones, Chase Terrace Technology College

The school said it also intended to change uniform policy for girls trousers to ensure equality.

PE kits will not change, although a new logo will see old versions phased out as children grow out of them.

Existing school hoodies will only be able to be worn in PE classes from September.

Dr Jones said:

“Having spoken to many parents with regards to the changes and taking opinions on board, we would like to thank parents and carers for their continued support fo the school.”

Dr Stuart Jones, Chase Terrace Technology College


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11 replies on “Headteacher confirms change of name and uniform for Chase Terrace Technology College”

  1. Although I appreciate how easy the hoodies are to clean etc, the “hoody” image and perception isn’t a good one in 2020. Learning to have a smart appearance and to be proud of your school is an excellent quality as you transition into work later in life.

  2. Hoodies or no hoodies, when a school starts describing itself as a brand, we know the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

    Let’s not forget that this is a school which now has a headteacher and an executive headteacher. All hail middle management.

  3. To be fair there’s 1,400+ kids at the school, plus the college on the side. Their organisational setup isn’t a great deal different to Erasmus Darwin Academy, which has 1,000 students.

    The naming convention is used to reflect the fact that they’re an Academy, like Shire Oak Academy, Walsall Academy, Cheslyn Hay Academy, Bloxwich Academy and so on.

  4. Acadamies – helping children work out who they are by forcing them all to look and think the same whilst punishing the slightest deviation from the arbitrary norm.

  5. “We recognise that parents may be intending to buy uniforms very soon for the new academic year in September and want to ensure we have given them enough time to plan these purchases.”

    Is Dr Jones a parent? Does he really believe that parents buy a new uniform every academic year?

    Well done Dr, your arbitrary change will cost every parent a significant amount of money.

  6. Well said Darryl, do they expect all parents to buy the new uniforms if the present one is good for another year. No doubt the school will be teaching environmental studies including reducing waste!

  7. A change has to happen sometimes. It needs to be done, and I support the teaching staff as they put in place the measures required to relaunch this school.

  8. I’m totally appalled at the renaming and school uniform change we always had Chaseterrace in the name of the school… now I suppose it’ll be just like chasetown school a stupid American style Academy. That doctor Jones needs his head looking at… it all boils down to money grabbing head teacher… if he put his passion into educating the children instead of putting the kids in penguin suits we’d have a brilliant school.all we want is good teachers to teach the youngsters and not to tart the school up change the name of it and uniforms, it doesn’t matter how much you wrap the school up, it’s the education of the children that matters, not how they look or what the school is called….

  9. Personally I think it’s a positive move. The previous headteacher wasn’t allowing the students potential to blossom – the results from this school and the fact that EDA is always first preference for the majority of Burntwood / Chase Terrace parents is telling.

    This school has been an Academy in all but name for three years, so it’s not really a massive change.

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