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New funding will see more accessibility at Lichfield Trent Valley station.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said the Government had committed to spending £300,000 to provide a ramp between the London-bound platform and the rear car park.

It is the latest boost for commuters using the station – although the long-awaited lifts at the multi-level station have faced lengthy delays and are not yet open.

The Conservative MP said:

Michael Fabricant

“Following the funding of two lifts – almost nearing completion – at Lichfield Trent Valley Railway station, the only obvious hindrance to disabled people gaining access to the platforms are the steps leading down from the new car park.

“To me, it seemed bizarre in the extreme to build a brand new car park and then make it disabled unfriendly. This was an incredible anomaly in this day and age.

“Following meetings I have had with West Midlands Railway who operate the station, Network Rail, and the Department of Transport, money has now been found to provide a wheelchair ramp from the car park to the platform which will not only assist wheelchair-bound passengers, but also those with children’s buggies and heavy luggage.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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3 replies on “Ramp to link platform with car park at Lichfield Trent Valley after £300,000 funding boost”

  1. How long is that going to take. The lifts arent working yet. They were supposed to be up and running in early January. I won’t hold my breath. It costs me alot extra to keep being droped off in a taxi for the London train. I’m disabled.

  2. When they built the car park and re-did the bridge to it (and the new industrial estate) it was all done and dusted very quickly indeed. Why does this extra stuff take so long?

    Also, there’s about 4-5 steps from the car park to the station. Why the hell is it £300,000 to provide a RAMP? The guys that did my driveway could probably do it for £10,000.

    Billy bloody bonkers I tells ya.

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