The plot earmarked for new homes in Streethay. Picture: Google Streetview

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More than a third of the 20 new properties would be classified as “affordable” if scheme is given the go-ahead

A report has backed plans to build 20 new homes on a plot of land near the A38 in Streethay.

Developers have submitted a planning application to Lichfield District Council for the properties on grassland alongside the new junction at the A38 slip road opposite the new Roman Heights development.

But the decision had been called in to the planning committee due to concerns over a Section 106 funding agreement.

The report has now backed the development – provided more than a third of the properties are classified as “affordable housing in perpetuity”.

A report to the planning committee said:

“The original application was for the erection of 22 dwellings, which has been reduced to 20 dwellings following negotiations with the applicant.

“The development is comprised of one bedroom apartments, two bedroom terraced houses and three bedroom terraced houses.

“A total of 33 parking spaces are provided within the site.”

Planning report on land in Streethay

“No unacceptable impacts on highways safety”

Other requirements would include highways works near the site and on-going maintenance of the proposed access road.

“The proposed widened vehicle access point includes a footpath to the western side which is to extend onto frontage land to connect onto a pedestrian crossing at the existing traffic lights opposite the Roman Heights development entrance.

“As these works fall outside of land within the application site, this would be secured by planning obligation via a Section 106 Agreement.

“The Highways Authority has confirmed that the access road serving the development would not be adopted, and would therefore be private.

“However, the applicant has confirmed the driveway would be built to adoptable standards and the tracking demonstrates that a refuse vehicle can access, and turn within the site.

“The applicant has indicated their preference for the driveway to be adopted. It is considered that flexibility can be built into the Section 106 Agreement to accommodate either option, and to secure a management and maintenance company if necessary.

“Overall, the proposal is considered would not result in any unacceptable impacts on highways safety, or severe impacts on the road network.”

Planning report on land in Streethay

The report will be heard at the planning meeting on 9th March.

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4 replies on “Report backs plans for new homes on land near the A38 in Lichfield”

  1. Guessing the people who reckon this will not impact on the roads are the same people who said hundreds of new houses in Streethay wouldn’t increase traffic at Trent Valley Island? Anyone who drives that route can confirm that there’s never any queues down there since they built the houses…

    There’s also the issue of cars still flying off the A38 despite the new junction. Good luck buying one of these new houses and trying to pull out of the road. It’ll be like buying a house with a junction onto the start/finish straight at Silverstone!

  2. What – the council approving yet more housing development? Surely not?!?!

    Does the council ever refuse planning permission for eq housing? Like, EVER?

    Lichfield is growing at an alarming rate with virtually no infrastructure to support the growth. In fact, only recently the, Council supported a move to close the city’s ONLY leisure centre. So, what is the council actually doing to support all these applications they keep approving?

    The way I see it, there’s 3 main access roadS through Lichfield city centre (A51 bypass, Upper St Johns St, and Birmingham Rd). Each of these the entry points is appalling during rush hour. Anyone ever tried to drive through town between 8am – 9am? None of these routes have any plans to be widened! And with more housing – it’s only going to make it worse. And don’t get me started on trying to drive out of Tesco on a Sat, OR trying to get a Docs appointment. To virtually everyone apart from LDC, it’s obvious that Lichfield cannot support any further growth – and yet the council approves more and more and more development schemes. So, what’s the plan LDC to alleviate this issue? We’d all love to hear it…..

  3. @Sminty I am sure there are currently a large number of traffic surveys being conducted by new home developers.

    It will prove there is very little traffic in Lichfield and surrounding areas. Allowing unrestricted building to happen.

    I also expect to hear how they will solve all of the economic issues of lockdown, creating communities……

  4. Upper st.johns street and possibly Birmingham road should not be an entrance to Lichfield for hgv’s. Some years ago there was a weight restriction on st.johns street which was removed because a faulty application was made. Nothing has been done since to reinstate it. Consequently the number of bridge strikes has escalated. Now the new bypass has been built the weight limit should be reapplied.

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