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Lichfield’s MP has told Parliament he remains “very angry” about the decision to push ahead with HS2.

Michael Fabricant MP made is comments in the House of Commons ahead of a motion to revive the High Speed Rail Bill.

The vote was passed to enable the Bill, which had passed before the General Election, to proceed despite it being a new Parliament.

But Mr Fabricant said the controversial route – which will cut through parts of Lichfield and surrounding villages – fails to do many of the things it was set up to do.

Michael Fabricant speaking about HS2 in Parliament

“I note with interest that the motion talks about revival. To me, it is the revival of a corpse – it’s like a Hammer movie.

“We talk about connectivity, but let us at least do it properly. The aim was to get people off aircraft – people who want to fly to Paris from Manchester, for example – but that isn’t going to happen, is it?

“Instead of going to St Pancras, connecting with HS1 and going straight through to Paris, people will have to change in London. It will not replace air travel.

“Yes, it will provide extra connectivity, as far as Crewe and London are concerned, but it will not meet the guidelines of what was originally intended for HS2.​

“Why is it going in straight lines? It is going in straight lines because it was intended to go at 220mph, but the Oakervee Review says it will not go at that speed.

“To save money, it will go at about 150mph or 160mph instead, in which case it could have gone alongside the M40 or the M1, as Arup originally proposed, which would have saved at least £20 billion of taxpayers’ money and been less environmentally damaging.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Fabricant had voted against the Bill but it passed with the support of Labour.

He said HS2 had been a missed opportunity for the nation.

“I am very angry about this.

“I see a project that could have been done so well destroyed by people such as Lord Adonis and then rather stupidly adopted by a Conservative Government.

“We could have had an HS2 based on the Arup plan, which would have been cheaper, connected better and been environmentally less damaging, I ask ‘has the House lost its mind?’.

“When I see the Labour party supporting the Government, I know the House has lost its mind, because whenever there is agreement between both sides of the House we know something is wrong.

“Some might call this a revival, but for me it is a dead, rotten corpse that we are trying to bring to life.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. Next week (Monday 9th March) sees the start of a lot of work along Cappers Lane: Removal of hedgerows and trees. I was amazed at the scale of work that has already been completed in Huddlesford; heading South on the A38, between the Streethay and London Road junctions if you look to the left you will see a new slip road and a network of new roads to provide access for all the earth moving and construction equipment. Lichfield will feel a very different place in 20 years time.

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