Health bosses have confirmed two people in Staffordshire have tested positive for coronavirus.

Public Health England said both residents had tested positive for COVID-19, but gave no details about where they are based.

They added that there was “no significant risk” to others across the county and said they were contacting those who had been in close proximity with the two individuals.

Katie Spence, deputy director for gealth protection at Public Health England West Midlands, said: 

“We are contacting people who had close contact with two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Staffordshire.

“We‘re working closely with local NHS colleagues as well as Staffordshire County Council to manage the situation and help reduce the risk of further cases. 

“Close contacts will be given health advice about symptoms and emergency contact details to use if they become unwell in the 14 days after contact with the confirmed case.

“This tried and tested method will ensure we are able to minimise any risk to them and the wider public.”

Katie Spence, Public Health England

“We fully anticipate an increase in numbers”

Richard Harling, Staffordshire County Council’s director of health and care, insisted preparations were already in place with the expectation the virus would reach the region.

But he added that further cases were now likely to develop.

“These new cases of coronavirus are nothing unexpected.

“We fully anticipate an increase in numbers which is why our services have planned for, and are ready, for this situation.

“I’d like to reassure people that the risk to the general public remains low and Staffordshire County Council is working with health colleagues to do everything we can to stop the virus spreading and ensure the people of Staffordshire are protected.

“For the vast majority of people in Staffordshire it is very much business as usual and the easiest and most effective way to stop the virus spreading is to follow good basic hygiene.”

Richard Harling, Staffordshire County Council


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20 replies on “Health bosses confirm first cases of coronavirus in Staffordshire”

  1. I had to queue this morning outside superdrug’s to get a bottle of hand sanitizer .I was appalled at the behaviour of some elderly people’s behaviour they where parking their cars along the disabled baby’s when the doors opened at 9. O.clock they where trampling people to get to the gel’s some of them where 4 to a car they where getting 2 bottles each. By the time other people whom might I had have too work and have children to care for didn’t stand a chance. If disabled people can take to sprinting through superdrug’s in my opinion don’t need the benefit to which they are receiving.k

  2. I was in Waitrose (Lichfield) today the toilet roll counter was about empty not that I was buying any and I could always use the daily mail,torygraph or similar as all they are any good for. Boots had a notice up and have for some days saying hand sanitizer is out of stock. So much for the SCC or Boris being on top of things

  3. Katie – poor you, sounds like you had a truly horrid experience surrounded by all those vicious OAPs!

    You ok hun?

    Hope you are at least well stocked for toilet rolls?

    Judging by your comment you could do with plenty of bumfodder as it seems to be leaking out everywhere.

  4. The excercise in mass hysteria is wholly disproportionate.” so said Philip Allso. And who will profit. The big pharma whilst “volunteers” are being asked to help the NHS out. Again whose priorities are important. Speaks for itself.

  5. Also my daughter once worked in a GPs surgery, she told me then that many elderly people died during the winter months, hence I would want to know how many deaths have occurred normally during previous winter months as compared to this winter.

  6. Hi I’m in Derbyshire,
    I have asked so meny now I’m looking at people that are reporting on c19 and hoping that someone says something
    Footballers are not to shake hands But what about the disgusting habit of spitting on the field is that not more dangerous than shaking hands please reply

  7. Katie, not at all surprised as some pensioners think they have carte Blanche to do what they like. In Morrisons the other day a pair were seen removing tops from milk cartons and sniffing them, disgraceful. The rudeness and behaviour of some of them disgusts me particularly as they moan about the younger generation and I’m an OAP myself!

  8. If there is a shortage of toilet roll.

    Could the council not issue local residents with copies of the hundreds of pointless reports they have paid for?

    They would finally provide some benefit to local residents.

  9. Katie..
    Wow so now there is a gang of elderley drivers ,parking on disabled babies.? Katie please report this to the police.This surely is worse than coronavirus,these evil pensioners need finding and locking up or at least having their car keys taken off them.

  10. You would think that, because of the plethora of retirement homes, that Lichfield might be considered at greater risk than most from the less mild effects of the virus. As the council has a responsibility in this regard what measures are they taking, and what provision in hospital care is being organised?
    We are past the ‘phony war’ stage now and, by the statistics coming out of Italy regarding their elderly population, the dangers are real and serious. As the age demographic is largely of the council’s making can they now offer assurances on how they are going to respond to this crisis?

  11. Crazy. Just popped into Morrisons. No soap, no pasta, no paracetamol. How do we not have paracetamol when there’s a maximum purchase limit on those? Are people buying some, then going back and getting more?

    Also, had to laugh at the empty shelves of toilet roll, with people instead buying lots of kitchen roll as “backup”. It says a lot about the British people because everyone ignored the two pallets of “boy one get one free” 9-pack loo-roll that was on offer by the meat counter.

    People are blinkered and maintain a “pack” mentality. Crazy.

    I’ve got 4 rolls left and I’m not buying any until I actually need some.

    Poo at work! ;)

  12. We’re pathetically selfish when tested, we see this time and time again.
    The government, supported by retailers, need to clamp down on this ridiculous hoarding mentality.

    All those extra toilet rolls are of no use to your bum if you die, following good sanitation advice is all that is needed also, if people are buying up all the hand sanitizer here’s a thought, you need other people to be using it as well for it to be effective! Think about your actions.

  13. Since Sir Hugh Pennington, world renowned expert on contagious disease, said the only thing that will benefit from hand-washing and sanitising will be food poisoning rates, I’ve decided that the UK is woefully short of required measures. China failed to move on the December cases – if they had, there would have been about 66% less deaths. Asking the Tories to do something is hopeless, probably already in their bunkers.

  14. John Griffin
    I agree with your assessment about hand washing although, as you have stated, any personal hygiene related to food preparation is welcome. If you look at a single sneeze in an average sized room the droplets fill the whole area and remain suspended in the atmosphere for quite some time. The chances of avoiding contamination is thus quite low. I suppose the government has to propose some seemingly practical regime even if has limited effects.
    Regarding your assertions about the outbreak in China, I don’t see that any measures could have prevented the spread of this virus. Modern travel and population density means that exponential spread was a certainty.
    The 1918 pandemic, which seemed to have greater effect on younger people and a higher death rate than coronavirus, travelled the world in a very short time. It is to be hoped this virus will run its course and become less infective as it mutates. Certainly the older members of the population should be cautious over the next month or so as statistics from Italy give a quite high rate of fatalities in that age group.

  15. The advice about handwashing is evidence based. It is astonishingly irresponsible for self proclaimed experts on here to be dismissing its relevance and importance. Please stop now.

  16. Asellus aquaticus
    The evidence based science from the ‘real’ experts is at best patchy and in most cases contradictory. I sympathise as to carry out such tests outside of a laboratory is almost impossible. You would naturally assume that good hand hygiene should offer protection from infection and in the case of bacteria it does. Viruses are of a far different order and the best statistics I can find offer a protection rate of between 1-15%. This if the hand washing procedure is carried out scrupulously and not the average six seconds observed in most studies even after instruction. This is the internet there is plenty of research information available.
    It is, of course, a worrying time for us all. No one (expert or otherwise) should want to promulgate advise with negative consequences but it would also be disingenuous to suggest that it offers protection over and above certain limits. As part of a ‘survival ‘ strategy then all well and good but trying to avoid exposure is probably the best advice that can be given while the numbers are rising. I personally don’t feel to be “astonishingly irresponsible” and I am certainly no expert. Nor have I offered personal advise. With deaths in Italy currently running at 6.6% of those infected I think everyone should avail themselves of a plan to give them best protection from what is the most widespread pandemic for the last hundred years. The expert advise globally dose not seem to be effective so far. Many are (including Great Britain) adopting very different and contradictory polices.

  17. With respect Philip, the research behind Public Health England’s advice is a little bit more sophisticated than your in depth Google search.

    Yes, other strategies such as social distancing are going to become more and more important, but you muddying the water about whether or not handwashing is worth doing is, I am afraid, unhelpful and irresponsible of you.

    I repeat, please stop.

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