Primary schools in Lichfield and Burntwood say they have been working with pupils on hygiene as part of steps to help prevent a coronavirus outbreak.

A number of primary schools across the district have written to parents outlining steps being taken due to the global situation regarding COVID-19.

The advice comes after St Gabriel’s RC Primary School in Tamworth confirmed it had closed after a staff member tested positive for coronavirus.

St Joseph’s RC Primary School in Lichfield has written to parents saying it was introducing whole school hand washing lessons.

The school told parents that cleaning of all touch points such as door handles and taps was taking place daily, while pupils were also being reminded of the need for good hygiene.

“We are actively talking in class about the importance of washing our hands and using tissues or into sleeve if coughing and sneezing.

“Hand washing posters have also been installed all around the school.”

St Joseph’s RC Primary School spokesperson

Burntwood’s Fulfen Primary School wrote to parents saying it was promoting “promoting regular hand washing” and teaching kids about the need for “essential personal hygiene”.

A newsletter from Chadsmead Primary School in Lichfield confirmed pupils had been receiving advice as part of Public Health England’s e-Bug campaign.

The school said students from reception through to year 6 had been learning about how germs spread and ways in which it can be prevented.

Whittington Primary School has sent a letter to parents outlining the symptoms of coronavirus to look out for, while Saxon Hill School in Lichfield says plans are in place to protect its students.

“Contingency plans”

In a letter to parents Saxon Hill Community School’s headteacher Mel Newbury said:

“We understand your concerns, particularly as your child may be very vulnerable and we are happy to listen if you have any questions.

“Be assured that we have prepared contingency plans in the event of closer, local outbreaks.”

Mel Newbury, Saxon Hill

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