A community group in Lichfield has cancelled its AGM due to fears over coronavirus.

The committee of the Beacon Street Area Residents’ Association said the move was designed to protect those who might attend.

The meeting was due to take place on 19th March, but members had raised concerns about the meeting going ahead.

The group’s chairman, Bob Smith, said:

“The committee has taken the decision to postpone this years AGM.

“With the threat of COVID-19, it is considered that it would be prudent to delay the meeting to a date in the future.

“It is not an easy step to take but we feel that because of the demographics of the membership it is better to err on the safe side. 

“A number of members have expressed their concerns about attending and we do like to give all members the opportunity to take part in the meeting.”

Bob Smith, Beacon Street Area Residents’ Association

The association said it would announce a new date “at the earliest possible opportunity”.

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  1. Henry: Definition of news: “Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events. Information not previously known.

    This news items seems to tick most of the boxes.

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