A number of items remain unavailable at supermarkets across Lichfield as residents continue to stockpile items due to the fears of a coronavirus outbreak.

Shoppers across the city have cleared the shelves of toilet rolls, while stocks of canned goods, cleaning products and pasta have also been in short supply.

The trend follows that of people across the UK as fears grow that the COVID-19 outbreak could force them to self-isolate for at least seven days.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already urged people not to panic buy and deprive others of goods.

 “I am confident we have fantastic supply chains. It is very important that everybody should behave responsibly and think about others.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The shortage of toilet rolls comes despite supermarkets limiting the amount residents can purchase.

Aldi said it was now rationing all products in a bid to ensure supplies would not be disrupted.


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11 replies on “Empty shelves at Lichfield supermarkets as coronavirus panic buying continues”

  1. What every is the matter with these silly people. How will the shops fair when these silly people stop going shopping because they have that much stuff to last for months. The Supermarkets are to blame they should have limited one per person at the start.

  2. I was in Waitrose this morning at my normal Sunday time About 10-20 Normally it is quiet today it was heaving noticed one woman with a trolley so full she was having trouble balancing stuff on the top. At least 2 dozen cartons of long life milk and umpteen pots of porridge. A lot of the shelves were running bare. Posh Waitrose shoppers panicking

  3. If the media didnt keep posting these stories accompanied by photos of the only empty shelves they could find then this panicked buying would occur to the degree it is now .

  4. Yes I was there about same time and it was much as you describe.Worse though is the fact that Tesco have had to put notices up asking people not to be abusive to till staff.Awful

  5. People who bulk purchase soap/ sanitisers and similar products, and thereby deny the products to others, are in fact weaponising the “have nots”. So the stockpilers must self isolate as much as possible immediately to minimise their risk.

  6. What is the use of buying what you don’t need we don’t have anyone stopping the food and toilet paper coming in. I have 500ml long life milk as I normally would have in case of snow at 86 I have to take care.

  7. To those saying the supermarkets are to blame for allowing bulk purchases. We try our up most to appeal to people good nature. If we limit stock our brand doesn’t have to deal with it…is on the floor facing the abusive customers have to deal with it. We aren’t police or security guards. We are the people going without also!! To make sure as many people as possible have supplies! We are working tirelessly and continuing to do so while the world isolates. Give us a break…as Caroline flack put it..if you can be anything be kind!

  8. Went into lidl tonight…its absolutely disgusting how people of Lichfield have reacted, im really disappointed in this city

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