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The Lichfield Garrick is asking audiences to donate the cost of tickets rather than seek refunds for shows cancelled due to coronavirus.

The city venue confirmed it would are all performances until the end of March in line with the Government’s advice on preventing coronavirus.

It means that shows by the likes of Broadway star Marisha Wallace and folk band Quill will no longer go ahead.

In a statement, the Lichfield Garrick said the Government’s decision to advise people not to go to the theatre rather than ban it means that it cannot claim through the usual channels to cover any losses.

“The theatre will not be able to claim on its insurance for this global pandemic.

“If you are in a position to do so, please consider donating your ticket price to Lichfield Garrick Theatre Charity so that the theatre can sustain itself during these times of uncertainty.”

Lichfield Garrick statement

Karen Foster, chief executive of the Lichfield Garrick said the venue, like others in the entertainment industry, would now face a “challenging” period.

“We have the pleasure of welcoming over 130,000 people through our doors during a normal year.

“Following government guidelines, we are closing our doors to protect our patrons, staff and volunteers.

“At present, our team is working on processing the cancellations for imminent shows and I do ask the public to understand that this will be done in date order. 

“The next few months will be challenging for all of the entertainment and leisure industries and I know that our public will want to support their local, independent arts charity.

“We look forward to opening our doors again and to welcoming our many patrons back into the theatre when it is safe to do so.”

Karen Foster, Lichfield Garrick


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5 replies on “Lichfield Garrick urges theatre-goers to donate price of tickets for shows cancelled due to coronavirus”

  1. I’m sympathetic to the plight of the Garrick but, one the one hand they’re guilty of charging £10 for tickets to see a relatively old film (Doolittle – released in Cinemas in Jan), and the next minute they’re expecting goodwill from people with regard to refunds.??

    Maybe stop ripping people off and the goodwill may start rolling in….

  2. It’s my understanding that the Gov has today had an agreement from Insurers to payout for those businesses who have elected to close due to public health….so The Garrick should not lose any money from this.

  3. The Garrick is a charity (1147697) and operates on a charitable service basis. It has not been without controversy in recent years. This in regard to its attitude about the support of amateur dramatics and the price of its tickets.
    It is a business with paid executives and staff and like nearly all service in and around Lichfield will inevitably take a hit (insurance notwithstanding) in the present circumstances.
    It is a niche operation serving a relatively few citizens; all of us in the Lichfield District area already contribute through the annual grant they are given from the rates.
    I have experienced some indifferent public relations from them in the past, even to the point of rudeness. I can well see that the reimbursement I expect to receive for three future bookings I have made might well go to charity as, by then, I suspect the situation will be very difficult for large areas of society. Finding deserving cases will not be difficult.

  4. I refer to the Rescheduling of WALK RIGHT BACK to May 2021 which is more than a year away.
    I am responsible for booking and have paid for 16 tickets for members of my NON PROFIT MAKING CLUB of ladies whose ages vary between late 70’s and their late 90’s.
    I find it a bit out of the question to ask them to donate their ticket money to any charity regardless of who that might be. I also can’t understand how you can move the date of viewing to 12 months plus ahead. At their age, can you guarantee that they’ll even be alive in 12 months time.
    In view of the 12 month delay to the next viewing, would you care to reimburse my club with the full amount so that I can deal with the matter quickly.
    Yours Sincerely
    Pauline Sparrow

  5. Hi Pauline,

    I think you need to direct that question to the Garrick – not to Lichfield Live :)

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