Shoppers in Lichfield and Burntwood are being urged to treat supermarket staff with “respect”.

The plea comes from Central England Co-op as the company continues to battle to keep shelves stocked as people across the country prepare for a possible period of self-isolation.

To help cope with demand, the company has introduced a limit of two per item to maintain stock levels.

Central England Co-op chief executive Debbie Robinson said:

Debbie Robinson, chief executive of Central England Co-operative

“Our colleagues are doing everything they can to ensure our community stores have enough food and goods for everyone.

“We want to ask everyone who visits us to be kind and treat each other with care, compassion and respect.

“If you’re able to say thank you to our colleagues when you see them, we are sure they would really appreciate the support at this time. Please be kind and respectful to everyone around you.

“I also want to send a big thank you to all of our colleagues working in our stores and homes. You are doing an amazing job helping to feed the nation and I cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond for our communities.

“Be safe and thank you.”

Debbie Robinson, Central England Co-op

The retailer said “robust supply lines” were in place, meaning people did not need to stockpile.


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7 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood shoppers urged to treat supermarket staff with "respect"”

  1. It works both ways they can be very rude and abrupt I work with public and would not treat them how I’ve been spoken to

  2. Supermarket staff are working really hard. They are also at risk of catching the virus. I think they should be applauded. For heavens sake people, stop stockpiling food. The most you need is 2 weeks worth. Then we wouldn’t have the stock problem.

  3. Used to work at Morrisons Ross on Wye on checkouts for only 9 months before retiring, so appreciate the respect that is needed (a two way street) best time of my supermarket days. Keep Safe & Well….!!

  4. They are effectively key workers taking a personal risk… If they are a bit short on occasions then that 100% understandable… For me, anyone coming out and about to help others – and risk their own and their loved one’s lives – deserves praises and thanks.

  5. I was in my local Morley Road Co Op yesterday. A woman had gone to the self service checkout with 6 packs of mince beef. The young girl behind the counter politely told the woman she could only buy 2 as a sign clearly displayed. The woman verbally abused the assistant with a barrage of swear words and insults. She promptly threw the packets of beef at the assistant and stormed out. The young assistant kept her cool and acted in an appropriate manner by not being drawn into a spat. Well done to her. More fool the woman who left empty handed and allowed 3 of us to have 2 packs each. Her loss our gain. It beggars belief how rude some people can be in a time of crisis when we should all be doing our best to not be greedy. 10/10 to the young assistant, who was just doing her job and didn’t deserve this treatment.

  6. Are Aldi controlling the numbers in the shop at any one time. Not a huge store non of them are so many people bunched up together shopping. Impossible to be 6 feet apart and shop

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