People taking part in the online pub quiz

The pubs might be shut across Lichfield and Burntwood, but that didn’t stop local residents enjoying their weekly quiz night.

Organised by local blogger Kate Gomez and Lichfield Live co-founder Philip John, the social distancing event took place via an online video call and saw rounds on topics such as British comedy and UK places, as well as a picture round.

The questions were provided by David Smith, with Lichfield District Council leader Cllr Doug Pullen playing quizmaster for the light-hearted event hosted by Lichfield Live.

Organisers hope the quiz may be a regular event to help those in self-isolation.

Cllr Pullen said:

“We hosted around 30 people for a couple of hours. It was great fun – if a little chaotic!

“A huge shout out to David Smith for providing the questions too.”

Cllr Doug Pullen


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

2 replies on “Quiz night goes ahead for Lichfield and Burntwood residents as they go online after pub closures”

  1. It was really good fun! I wasn’t sure it would work but as a first attempt it was a stunning success. Doug was the perfect compere, and kept it all together, and even built in breaks to go to the bar (fridge!). The software was surprisingly easy to use, and worked pretty smoothly – amazing seeing as most of us hadn’t used it before.
    Thanks to Dave – the questions were just right – quite hard! Also, thanks to Kate “The Cardigan” Gomez, for pulling all this together. I know you’ve done so much tireless work behind the scenes not just for this but for a huge amount of community response this last couple of week. Some wonderful people are out and about, helping, organising and lifting people’s spirits. Thank you all, so much.

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