Cllr Deborah Baker

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The Mayor of Lichfield has told residents “use your city centre” – but warned coronavirus guidelines must be followed.

Cllr Deborah Baker made her comments after the Government closed all stores except those offering food and other essential services.

It follows previous advice to avoid unnecessary social gatherings and stick to only essential services as the global battle against the COVID-19 outbreak continues.

Lichfield City Council has confirmed that market stalls selling food will remain open.

Cllr Baker said:

“Also open are the butchers, bakers, the fruit shop and Iceland.

“Use your city centre, but with consideration and care for others.”

Cllr Deborah Baker, Mayor of Lichfield


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. You fool. The advice is to keep social distancing, and close Non essential shops AND stalls yet, you the mayor of Lichfield are encouraging the opposite. Anyone who reads this article, an then follows your advice and get Covid 19, you the mayor, it would be your fault.

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