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People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being urged to “make the right choice” following the introduction of new coronavirus restrictions.

The Prime Minister has shut all but essential businesses as the country continues to battle the COVID-19 outbreak.

Following the announcement last night (23rd March), Staffordshire County Council leader Cllr Philip Atkins said communities now need to work together to support the NHS and other key services.

“Doctors, nurses, police officers and council staff helping deliver critical services must face the risk of coronavirus infection every day, but most people do have a choice – and now is the time to make the right choice for you, your family and your community.

“The NHS is at tipping point, but we have the opportunity to save many lives by staying at home from now on.”

Cllr Philip Atkins, Staffordshire County Council

The county council is also set to appeal to people to come forward and support efforts to sustain key services.

“We are working round the clock to try and keep people safe and we need everyone to work together for the common good.

“Over the coming days we will be calling on those with experience of care, the healthy and fit and our own staff to step up if they can.

“If you want to volunteer and help us care on the front line then your children and grandchildren will thank you for the part you played when it mattered most.”

Cllr Philip Atkins, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. When a nation goes to war, history tells us that no matter how good the planning and strategy, they never really know how it will turn out.
    I am concerned that we really have no idea as to how long social distancing and lockdowns can be maintained without significant damage to the economy, society and mental health. Unpredictable situations may ensue including financial collapse, civil strife and a breakdown of the very social fabric resulting in situations that I would rather not think about.

  2. Problem is most essential services have been cut to pieces and weren’t coping before COVID19. I won’t ‘go political’ and apportion blame. Just say my daughter is in the NHS frontline with many who have no proper protective equipment.

  3. I really wish Boots in Lichfield got a delivery system going. Safer for staff and customers surely.

  4. Don’t over think it Cearbhaill, time soon passes and people soon forget. That said I imagine a mini baby boom and an increase in divorces. What I hope we will do is remember those who will not cooperate with the essential measures and the businesses who have been profiteering out of this crisis. I heard of a butcher in Market Street whose prices reached new levels. There is a way to go yet but, with modern technology, we have easy contact with family and friends. I would just caution people to be careful of scammers. These scum have no scruples and no conscience.

  5. @Philip, thanks for the reply it did give me a wry smile. As for over thinking it I will tell you one thing that got me started was when Public Health England downgraded the disease from a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) on 19 March. This is a major declassification of the disease because at first it was in the HCID criteria.I seen any media outlet reporting on this one. So why are we the populace, effectively locked down albeit under a ‘softly softly’ approach.

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