With large sections of society preparing to go into ‘social-isolation’, one Lichfield resident lifts the lid on her thoughts in the latest of a series of diary posts on the coronavirus outbreak.

Another adventure beckons – the energy company wants new readings, which means going outside and checking the gas meter at the side of the house.

There are two magpies sitting on the fence, quite a long way apart.  This social distancing thing is getting everywhere!

I can’t go on hearing the ‘c’ word a hundred times a day, so I’ve started to ration my intake of the news and all the latest updates and death tolls – but before turning off the TV, a global statistic comes through. 

There are now more than a billion of us staying at home.  It’s a comfort, that this is a shared isolation…

It’s good talking on the phone and sharing stories. One friend’s dug out her knitting needles, another’s going cycling while it’s not an arrestable offence.

Emails and texts are fine, cards lovely to receive, but there’s nothing like hearing the human voice.

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