A sign on a playground in Lichfield closed due to coronavirus

Parents have been asked to ensure young people have stay away from playgrounds in Lichfield and Burntwood during the coronavirus outbreak.

Lichfield District Council said reports had been received of people continuing to use facilities.

They include the Beacon Park skate park which – along with playgrounds and other areas across Lichfield and Burntwood – has been closed since the Government announced restrictions in a bid to combat the coronavirus.

The council has now urged parents to remind their children of the need to stay at home.

“We’ve had reports of teens gathering in parks despite COVID-19.

“We closed play areas and multi-use games areas in our parks yesterday and have fenced off Beacon Park’s skatepark today.

“Please make sure your kids are following Public Health England’s advice on social distancing.”


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One reply on “Council asks parents to follow social distancing rules and keep young people away from closed playgrounds in Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. If we are supposed to be social distancing why was stow pool so active this morning at 6am with elderly walkers talking to each other up close. I took my dogs a walk and was trying to social distance but it was hard as there was more people than ever walking around the pool and being close to each other. Why around the pool was there a huge amount of beer bottles and alcoholic bottles empty. People must be drinking around the pool at night. We are supposed to be social distancing.

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