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Staffordshire’s Police Commissioner has warned people in Lichfield and Burntwood that new coronavirus restrictions are “not a joke”.

The Government has introduced a range of new measures to prevent people from gathering in groups of more than two, as well as forcing all but essential shops to shut.

The restrictions also allow people to only go out for exercise once per day.

Matthew Ellis, Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire and Rescue and Crime, said people needed to do the right to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Now is the time for us all to act together as one community and comply with the measures set out by the Prime Minister.

“This is not a joke – everyone needs to do the right thing and listen and comply to keep them, their families and loved ones and everyone else safe and well.

“My office and I are supporting Staffordshire Police and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service to do their jobs and protect us all during these extraordinary times.

“We’re all grateful to them and I urge people to help them to help us by doing exactly what we’ve been told to do.”

Matthew Ellis

Officers will have the power to issue fines to those breaching the new restrictions.

But Commissioner Ellis said he hoped it would not be something they needed to do too often.

“It should not be a case of the police having to use powers to enforce these measures.

“If we all do our bit by following the instructions, we’ll defeat COVID-19.

“Just stay at home and save lives.”

Matthew Ellis

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16 replies on “Police Commissioner tells Lichfield and Burntwood residents coronavirus restrictions are "not a joke"”

  1. Since the lockdown, chasewater park in Burntwood has seen a mass influx of people who are ‘exercising’. However many of these are travelling in cars to do so. This is evident as the surrounding roads are blocked with parked cars. I am confident that the prime minister’s instruction did not mean all jump in the car and drive to chasewater, then go for a walk. This is clearly non essential travel. If you want to exercise, open your door and walk. Dont all get in the car and drive somewhere (non essential travel) that is then going to be crowded with people. In my opinion people driving to places like this need a wake up call. Easy to see and manage, I would encourage the authorities to view the cars and ask questions. The lockdown is there to save lives. When will people realise the severity of the situation and grow up!

  2. Ahh yes, the social commentator Mr Everall, I’ll bet he keeps a log of his neighbour’s activities checking to see if they walk more than once a day’ ? I visit Chasewater regularly in my car to exercise my dog and not once have I seen surrounding roads blocked with cars, neither do I see the place crowded with people, what I see are people getting exercise in pleasant surroundings and all of them keeping a good distance away from each other a lot further than 2 metres ! Perhaps if he’s that concerned about the spread of CV19 he should write to the PM or his local MP and ask why flights from hot spots abroad are still allowed into the UK and all passengers allowed to go on their way without checks, and, while he’s typing ask the question as to why the UK wasn’t locked down and all incoming flights cancelled way back in February when we got the ‘ heads up’ from China just how serious it would be ? Mr Everall fails to see the wood for the trees, 70 to 100 people walking the 3 mile one and a half hour walk pathway around a 108 hectare country park and keeping at least 10 metres away from each other hardly pose a health risk to each other or the community as a whole, is he advocating we should not go into our own gardens if your neighbour is already out ? No Mr Everall I suggest you need to concern yourself with more serious questions surrounding this pandemic and ask how it was allowed to happen in the first place. Ride your cycle while you can Mr Everall could be that next week you pose a risk of spreading CV19 due to the miasmic effect of an increased breathing rate while pedalling !

  3. Cannot understand blatantly ignoring rules about travelling to exercise. It doesn’t matter if you have always done it, a National crisis is occurring.
    Death has no boundaries. In my road alone I have seen at least 5 breaches in 2days of the government instructions, mainly people visiting relatives as if it was Christmas. Never realised how many stupid people there are. I am now waiting to see where the first ambulance visits.

  4. The virus has now been shown to remain airborne for several hours in rooms previously occupied by people with CV19 . I’m not advocating visiting relatives, indeed its my only grandsons 3rd birthday next week and I haven’t seen him for six weeks, I wont be seeing him anytime soon ! I have more chance of getting the virus standing in the queue at Morrisons or walking my dog round the block than at Chasewater Park, in fact, I could cycle to Chasewater in 10 mins with my hound in tow so what difference going in the car ? Do you think we’re all going to be in lockdown till next year when a viable vaccine is found, no we won’t, we cant stay at home forever, in fact all were doing is delaying the inevitable because we’re all going to get it sooner or later, some people may have had it and not realised, not everyone has to go into hospital. The govt got caught napping and now we’re all paying the price for their lethargic inaction and ineptitude ( I voted for Boris ), were you aware that deaths in the first 3 mths of this year are down from the same quarter in 2019 ? How did that happen ? Was there a virus last year we were not told about ?

  5. “The virus has now been shown to remain airborne for several hours in rooms previously occupied by people with CV19 .” WHO would seem to disagree with this.

  6. Mighty Boris couldn’t keep them in, the wise words of Dr Vallance fell on death ears, but up steps a modern day Canute to stem the tide of people leaving their homes.

    Perhaps time better spent getting police & fire PPE than regurgitating the same advice given to the same base, by his political pay masters.

  7. And it’s people like the above commenting Bruce Kain that are blatantly having no regard for the instructions put out by the government. Even if chasewater was 200 square miles wide and empty, it is still not acceptable to get in your car and drive there to exercise or walk your dog. I would suggest he get off his high horse, grow some sense and abide by the government instruction.

  8. @J Green “…abide by the government…”. I don’t believe that the government is being honest and open about the situation. They have, within weeks, wiped out millions of jobs, ruined businesses especially the private sector, destroyed lives and caused untold distress on the mental health of the populace. My company have lost 60% of our business. We may never recover. I need to get back to work. I am an adult and I want to be able to make that choice.Please see my previous comments on this subject. The Government initially predicted a death toll of 500,000 as a result of the virus. Even I knew that that was a figure plucked out of thin air in order to scare the people into submission. There may well be a death toll of half a million but it won’t be as a result of the virus.

  9. A very emotive subject, and so it should be when civil liberties are involved. There is no real end date. Unless an effective vaccine can be developed we have to face certain inevitabilities. As stated above the population is already struggling with the lockdown after a relatively short time. The economy also cannot withstand a protracted shutdown. So what to do? Do we suspend our compassion and accept that there will be consequences? On a statistical basis if one in a thousand died it would amount to 65,000 deaths. This seems callous, and it is, but the trade off has to be compared to the deaths relating to recession and mental depression. We are stuck in the proverbial ‘rock and a hard place.’ The total outcome will transcend the virus. Just what the decision making process will be has to be measured. There will be winners and losers. Thinking of this emergency in simplistic terms is naive, there are many elements and there can be many outcomes.
    If a reliable antibody test was readily available that would enable a more flexible approach to some situations. With the best will in the world the NHS will eventually reach battle fatigue. The reality is that until 65% to 70% of the population has had (and survived) this virus it will remain an ongoing threat. There is much talk of an exit strategy. What do you suggest?

  10. There’s evidence from the Far East that survivors of the virus have been reinfected already. It isn’t clear if or for how long you are immune after catching this.
    The Swedish death rate is climbing exponentially and they’ve got a soft policy of social distancing whilst shops & restaurants are open.
    If you accept that many thousands have to die a painful, frightening and lonely death so that the economy keeps running then you clearly didn’t study early 20th century European history. Survival of the fittest? There are other words for it.
    I am more than happy to stay inside so that I can’t infect anyone else or catch it myself and hope my immune system doesn’t overreact and I die because of a cytokine storm.
    If I ran a business I wouldn’t want to be the cause of my staff or customers deaths.
    If we end up having to live with this virus forever more at least the nhs won’t be overwhelmed if a phased approach is taken to opening up in the future.
    I understand that long term a smashed economy will mean no taxes, so no nhs, but we are not there yet. Vaccine trials are to begin this Summer. The govt such as it is needs to communicate potential exit strategies and prepare people.
    For every person desperate to get back to normal there is another who is scared to go out.

  11. ( it is still not acceptable to get in your car and drive there to exercise or walk your dog.) J Green, would you like to explain to me why driving 1.2 miles to Chasewater Park is infinitely worse than cycling 1.1 mile ? Or maybe its not, seems like its just because the govt says so, the government that was guided by the same guy Neil Fergusson way back in 2001 who predicted 50,000 deaths by Foot and Mouth disease and cost the economy 10 billion pounds, actual deaths was 176 due to FMD. The govt knew this was coming back in Oct 2016 with ‘ Exercise Cygnus’ which highlighted a shortage of everything from ventilators to PPE, what did they do ? They buried the report ! Now they’ve been caught with their pants down so we all stay at home because they weren’t ready and had NO plan. Don’t try to make me a social pariah J Green just because I want to drive a mile to do my once a day exercise, I’m not going to save anybody’s life by walking !

  12. Bruce Kain sees the same as I have, people behaving sensibly. While you are all busy blaming each other (as this mendacious crew of incompetents intended) people are dying in hospitals and care homes, not you because Fred walked 1.5m away from you. Basic viral protective equipment is missing NOT because staff are misusing it but because Mr Hancock and his pals failed to govern vaguely competently. My daughter caught the virus in paed ICU and is still off work, some of her colleagues are fighting for their lives. None of them are allowed to speak of the disaster on threat of the sack. That is what you lot should be whittling on about, not Chasewater. And where is Mr Fabricant? Plenty of community leading and helping, often at risk to themselves, is our MP one of them?

  13. Or the very wealthy and mega profitable companies like Facebook,Starbucks,Amazon etc paid the same percent tax as Joe soap the tax problem in the near future would go away

  14. Yayyy !!! It’s official ! You are allowed to drive somewhere to exercise, the only rider is that the journey can not be longer than the exercise, so, looks like I’ll be visiting Chasewater pretty regular from now on, in my car, with my hound ! …… : ))

  15. In hindsight, an unmitigated disaster from start to finish despite the reassurances from my MP Amanda Milling at the outset that the NHS was well able to cope ” with a belt and braces approach”, oh please Amanda spare me the platitudes ! Fine words butter no parsnips ! At least 20,000 more deaths than was necessary, my God the whole fiasco is quite unbelievable. I said at the beginning on social media sites that, and to quote Patton ‘ A good plan violently executed this week is far better than a perfect plan executed the following week’. I have a feeling that a day at the races will come back to haunt the PM at some later investigation.

  16. Aaah, so NOW we have to wear masks, suddenly their IS a benefit to wearing them, oh really ? I see the sheepies have gladly welcomed the new face covering rules with cyclists wearing them while cycling on country roads, even if you seal the mask onto your face with tape the Covid will get through. No, the new rule is in place to give people the misguided impression that they’re protected to some measure and therefore safe to return to work, oh and the figures are in, deaths last month were down compared to July last year !

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