The boss of a Lichfield supermarket says buying restrictions will remain in place – but said stock was returning to normal levels.

Tesco was one of a number of chains which introduced limits on purchases by customers in a bid to prevent panic buying during the coronavirus outbreak.

Some have now opted to lift their restrictions, but Tesco CEO Dave Lewis said his stores would keep them in place for the time being.

“The good news is that, thankfully, most of the panic buying seems to have eased, and a new, more normal, pattern is emerging.

“In fresh food, our stock levels have returned to almost normal levels, with plenty of fruit and vegetables available.

“In packaged groceries, the recovery will take a few more days.

“Most stores will have stock of just about everything, but in a few product areas, we may still have some gaps.

“Our store-wide limit of three items per customer on every product line remains. As always, we would encourage you to buy only what you need, so that everyone has access to the essentials.”

Dave Lewis, Tesco

Tesco will maintain its NHS shopping period as well as priority hours for elderly and vulnerable shoppers.

Other changes are also being introduced.

“To get our supply chain running smoothly again, we are focusing on simple pricing for single products, and have removed multi-buy promotions.

“Easter eggs are one exception – we bought our stock before recent events, so there are plenty to go around and we’ll continue with our promotions as normal.”

Dave Lewis, Tesco


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