Cllr Helen Fisher and Cllr Sue Woodward

Two Burntwood county councillors have thrown aside political differences to ensure local organisations can receive support during the coronavirus outbreak.

Conservative Cllr Helen Fisher and Labour’s Cllr Sue Woodward have agreed to pool their COVID-19 Support Fund.

It means £5,000 can be used by community groups to help fund schemes to for residents needing help across Burntwood during the coronavirus crisis.

Cllr Fisher said:

“I’ve been amazed by the numbers of people volunteering to help isolated people across the town and commend all involved in organising local support, particularly Burntwood Live At Home and the newly-formed Burntwood Be A Friend.

“Sue and I want to make sure Burntwood comes together at this time of crisis and to work together to get these funds out as quickly as possible.”

Cllr Helen Fisher, Staffordshire County Council

Groups can find an application form and guidance information on the county council website.

Cllr Sue Woodward said:

“At a time of real anxiety for many, there has been a lot of work going on in the background between councils to pull together a whole range of support services for our area.

“Even at this worst of times, it’s also felt like the best of times with neighbourhoods and communities helping fellow residents and coming together as never before.

“We’ve talked of a better Burntwood but what I’ve seen over the past few weeks is the best Burntwood.

“I hope this will be a long-lasting legacy for our town.”

Cllr Sue Woodward, Staffordshire County Council

The scheme seems each county councillor use £2,500 to support community groups in their area to be resilient, safe and connected. No match funding is required.

It can be used to by groups to support new activities for people self-isolating or creating networks to help the community become more resilient.

Other uses include helping to keep current services running.


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