Council chiefs are warning people in Lichfield and Burntwood not to put unsuitable items in blue recycling bins.

It comes after six loads were rejected at a recycling plant because they were contaminated with other waste.

Used tissues, food waste, clothes and electrical items were among the rubbish found in the blue bins.

Cllr Liz Little, cabinet member for recycling and leisure, said:

“It is really disappointing to see so many households putting contaminated waste in their blue bins.

“At this time of crisis, we must all work together for the good of the community and we need your help and support.

“Please familiarise yourself with what can and can’t go in your bins.

“You’ll find a brief guide on the back of your bin calendars or you can go to our website for more detailed advice.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

The council is also reminding residents not to overload the waste service by putting extra items out with their black bins.

For details about what can and cannot go in different bins, visit

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  1. Hmm, interesting. When “a load” is rejected, how is that load quantified and what happens to it?

  2. “The council is also reminding residents not to overload the waste service by putting extra items out with their black bins. ”

    Does Cllr. Liz Little live in a little box?

    I’ll take our household as an example, 2 children, 2 adults, now at home 24/7, we’re generating recycling and rubbish at a rate quite in excess of normality, I’d like it to be different and we do our best to use as little as possible and not generate extra waste, however, to say that the current waste collection is suitable for god knows how many household now at home – it’s simple been transferred from business to home.

    A bit of flex Liz, methinks.

  3. So not in blue bins and do not put it in black bins, council tips shut where the F…. should it be put. Please answer

  4. The recycling centre closures won’t help people putting electricals in the recycling or other items that don’t belong in either of their bins.

  5. My God, what exactly are the Council there for? Every week we hear them telling us not todo this and not to do that. They’ll be telling us next to keep the lights off at night with the blackout curtains drawn. My daughter and her husband are staying with us right now whilst their house is be extended. They are still paying their council tax in Lichfield. Therefore I have 2 extra loads of rubbish. LDC has closed the tip, tell me Cllr., exactly where do you want the rubbish from extra people to go? How about a Tardis bin , get a grip and get a life, it’s clear you don’t live in the real world and don’t understand the issues over waste disposal. I thought there is a crisis on right now, cut some slack lady and stop whingeing…….

  6. Polystyrene has the recycle triangle on it yet the bin is rejected because of this. Such actions mean that I rarely now use the blue bin as it may not be collected, result is recyclables going to landfill. Polystyrene will not degrade in landfill so why is there not a plant that will recycle it. This confusion is counterproductive.

  7. Everyone is at home! Do you live in your bins? Have you not noticed the country is in lockdown?..common sense would say there is going to be alot more waste generated! Take your own advice…yes you are right it’s time to pull your bit! Like we are!

  8. No electrical items…. I dont expect the recycler to sell it as a working item. I expect them to recycle the copper, the plastic etc.

  9. Massive pressure on her during this unprecedented outbreak! God I feel for her charging £110 per household to collect a bin… Oh and the multi-million pound recycling facility in Tamworth can’t sort that? Bull s**t.

  10. There’s no excuse for contaminating the recycling, but totally agree with Darryl here.

    If the inevitable extra waste is causing an issue, then are the district officers and councillors lobbying their Count Council peers to recognise the recycling centres as essential services?

    Yes, there will need to be a little thought about how they operate, but a small house full of people and clutter is not great for physical or mental health.

  11. Not helped by the closure of local tips. At least people are putting stuff in bins and not fly-tipping. Although I’m sure there is going to be a hugh rise in this disgusting anti-social behaviour.

  12. Recycling centres essential. Can be operated with social distancing. How else can normal families manage?

  13. Is the entire rejected load then taken for incineration just like the commercial waste? (companies that don’t have a recycling container)

  14. It’s not the first time I’ve read comments made by this councillor with how we should or should not do ! And how we should spend rate payers money,
    First, I applaud the refuse collectors… huge thank you to all. These guys need our support.
    Addressing the “Blue Bin” this needs temporarily suspending and be used as general waste until we’re out of this situation.
    Obviously am not a councillor or a professor of economics but an average joe rate payer fed up of incompetent councillors that currently hold office in Lichfield

  15. The speed that the council tax has been rising means that if I want to put a life sized fully functioning NASA rocket in my blue bin then they can blooming well recycle the thing.

  16. Is every body missing the point here, like the rest of the country council staff are self isolating so we have less staff to run the services. So grow up and learn to use all that food you bought not throw it away, reuse your old clothes and put your broken goods to one side till we get back to normal and thank god you are still alive because there are thousands who are not so lucky.

  17. A Message to all Councillors living in your ivory towers. We need to be recycling EVERYTHING we can. You need to find solutions to recycling the irons toasters and polystyrene, rather than encouraging people to put them in landfill. That means thinking creatively and developing a different strategy. You could probably make money out of it if you went into it with a more entrepreneurial mindset.

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