Researchers are hoping people in Lichfield can help them trace the family of a World War Two hero.

A team based in the UK and Denmark are looking for family of Douglas Charles Owen.

He was an agent dropped into Yugoslavia during the war as part of an RAF crew who flew special duties during the war.

Maxine Harcourt-Kelly, a member of the research team, believe he could have links to the city.

“Douglas’ brother Sidney Herbert is listed as having died in Lichfield in 1997.

“We are looking for relatives of the family who might be able to tell us more about Douglas.

“Sadly he died in 1948, but we would love to know a little more about his life beyond 1945.

“He was with Special Operations and played a vital role working with the resistance in the former Yugoslavia.

“We know there are many people with the name Owen in Lichfield and are trying to find out if any of them are related to Sidney.”

Researcher Maxine Harcourt-Kelly

As well as Sidney, the team know Douglas had two other brothers – Reginald Harold Owen who died in 1988 and Frank Alfred Owen who died in 1983. His sister Joan Helene Owen died in 1999.

Anyone with information can contact the research team via their website.


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