Highways chiefs say crews are continuing with road repair and improvement projects in Lichfield and Burntwood during the coronavirus crisis.

Potholes and other works will take place across Staffordshire where social distancing measures can be implemented.

Staffordshire County Council’s highways and transport leader, Cllr Helen Fisher, said it was crucial that highways work continued for as long as possible.

Helen Fisher

“It is vital that we are maintaining our road network, especially during these times.

“Our crews are out there working to help ensure that our roads are as safe as possible for all those that are travelling to help with pandemic and I would ask that members of the public support them in doing just that.

“They will continue to work where they can, but we do need to take decisions on whether we continue to operate road schemes considering public safety, the safety of our employees and our suppliers’ operations.

“What is right for one site may not be right for another and it is important that our local judgement applies unless and until any further restrictions are applied in support of the overall health strategy.

“The overriding priority is the safety of the public and our employees.”

Cllr Helen Fisher, Staffordshire County Council


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  1. The main Lichfield Rd from Swan Island to Lichfield has been” resurfaced,”at least the road has been scraped, then , markings put down, but no top layer appears to have been applied?

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