People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being asked to support a charity helping women and children living with domestic abuse.

Pathway has warned that its services may now be more necessary than ever during the coronavirus crisis are households remain isolated.

The charity has launched a £5,000 fundraising appeal.

A spokesperson said:

“In this current time of crisis and uncertainty, many women and children in lockdown living with domestic abuse, have no escape and the reality for many is terrifying.

“Some countries have reported triple the amount of domestic abuse cases during this period of lockdown, and the UK is quickly following this horrific trend.

“During a time when families should be there for each other, supporting and nurturing throughout an unprecedented crisis, many perpetrators are using lockdown as an excuse to torment and inflict pain on those who are trapped with them.

“Here at Pathway, we are staffing the helpline as priority, however for many victims it’s almost impossible to get away from an abuser to make that all important call.

“The stark reality is that when the lockdown is over and the COVID-19 crisis subsides, we will be dealing with the crisis of coping with the huge volume of domestic violence cases that need our urgent attention.”

Pathway spokesperson

“Perilously close to being unable to step in and save lives”

Like many organisations, the coronavirus outbreak has left Pathway facing an uncertain future.

And with future fundraising plans on hold, the charity is hoping to raise £5,000 to keep on supporting domestic abuse victims.

“Our staff are still working tirelessly behind the scenes and are trying hard to maintain contact with as many victims and survivors as possible.

“We are aware, however, that with funding grinding to a halt, budgets stretched and fundraising plans now put on hold for six months, we are perilously close to being unable to step in and save lives.

“And we do save lives. We have saved many individuals who would have succumbed at the hands of their abusers and our staff are all fully trained and waiting for the mass of calls that will come over the ensuing weeks and months.”

Pathway spokesperson

People can donate to the fundraising appeal via the charity’s JustGiving page.


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