Roadworks projects in Lichfield and Burntwood are among £42million worth of improvements unveiled by Staffordshire County Council for the coming year.

The authority is set to approve the schemes next week as it finalises plans for the coming year.

Among the schemes on the list are a speed reduction scheme on Netherstowe Lane in Lichfield, town centre improvements in Burntwood, Chorley village speed reduction scheme and Trent Valley island works aimed at easing congestion at the junction.

Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, Cllr Helen Fisher, said:

“It is vital that we have a well-maintained road network and good transport infrastructure to a support a well-connected and prosperous county.

“We’re pleased to set out our £42.7million investment plans over the current financial year. This will enable us to deliver a comprehensive package of schemes that will bring long-term and value for money improvements.

“We are aiming to continue highways and transport schemes wherever possible through the coronavirus restrictions period.

“We will take decisions on a project by project basis considering public safety, the safety of our employees and our suppliers’ operations.”

Cllr Helen Fisher

The cabinet meeting to outline the plans on 15th April will be the first fully digital Staffordshire County Council meeting, with all councillors joining proceedings online. 

Residents can view the meeting via the council website.


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9 replies on “Plans unveiled for new road improvement schemes in Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. Trent Valley island works aimed at easing congestion at the junction.

    As usual, developers come in build hundreds of homes and make massive profits. Then the council tax payer has to pay to fix the mess they have created.

    Did the Planning Officers not see building all of these homes may have an impact?

  2. Steve, of course they didn’t, they were blinded by the ££££ that would be generated from council tax.

  3. Sorry to inform Burntwood, Lichfield – and also Lichfield residents – but “repairing” or “improving” the Lichfield Road (A5190) will not be included. You may recall that last year our MP made ppress comments that he was going to sort this out, as usual, and, as usual, nothing has been heard from him since.
    I will let Lichfield Live know what the situation is once they get a response from Mr Fabricant on this.

  4. Hi ho, another announcement from Ms Fisher citing “road improvements” when she really means more misery, awful construction standards caused by using the lowest quoted contractors possible whilst providing diddly squat in actual terms. Improvement to Netherstowe Lane by way of speed reduction facilities. Now, call me a cynic, but we already have these, at no cost, by virtually all of Lichfield having roads with holes so big you dare not drive beyond walking pace. I ride a motorcycle and have to constantly swerve around either speed bumps or holes to avoid danger…as do other vehicles who tend to drive more towards the middle of the road…this woman probably doesn’t know where Lichfield is, and her PR department put out stock comments with amusing messages promising “safety”, ” value”. Give it a rest Cllr Fisher, nothing you do actually improves our roads, rather you start projects that stop for months at a time, and within months the work deteriorates necessitating costly repairs. At least your messages of wonderful futures for us keep us smiling in these sad times. Spend that £43m on people rather than useless projects you do not actually understand.

  5. No amount of road improvements will ease congestion,after 25 years
    of house building enough is enough we should be planting trees not more housing having more green space is a must for our next generation.

  6. Will be interesting what they plan for Trent Valley Island. After the free for all planning for House Builders has been a recent factor for congestion. The major problem for the town centre road is, it is not only used to get into the centre. It is used as a thoroughfare for traffic not intending to stop in Lichfield. HGVs included. Until something is done to alleviate this, it will never be solved.

  7. IF, the road improvements go ahead, for gods sake, get them to do it right and don’t pay them a penny until the work has been inspected by someone who knows what it should be like. After the last effort, please learn your lesson and don’t squander the tax payers money !!

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