A housing association has been told to clean an “unacceptable” rubbish pile left outside its properties.

Lichfield District Council has contacted Platform Housing over the waste at Armada House.

Residents living near Armada Close said that the rubbish had been building up in recent weeks.

“We have to walk past this mess – nothing is being done to rectify the situation.

“It’s obviously more worrying given current health issues.”

Local resident who did not wish to be named

“Unsanitary and unsightly”

Lichfield District Council confirmed it had given the housing association a deadline to clean the area up.

Cllr Angela Lax, cabinet member for legal and regulatory services, said:

“This build-up of rubbish is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with as it is unsanitary and unsightly.

“We have contacted Platform Housing, the housing association responsible for this area, to highlight the issue and they have assured us that they will escalate it to their clearance teams for action.

“As a precaution, we have served a notice on Platform Housing that requires them to remove the waste by 15th April.

“If it is not removed by then our teams will clear it away and charge for the work.”

Cllr Angela Lax, Lichfield District Council
Piles of rubbish outside Armada House

Cllr Lax said she hoped the situation would be resolved in both the short and the long term.

“We will be speaking to the housing area officer for Armada House to discuss creating an action plan for how to stop waste building up in the future.

“This will need to include more education for their residents about how and what to recycle, as some are clearly not following the guidance, which we have provided on a number of occasions.

“We hope this will have a positive effect and will mean the area does not become a problem again in the future.”

Cllr Angela Lax, Lichfield District Council


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3 replies on “Council tells housing association to clean up “unacceptable” piles of rubbish outside Lichfield properties”

  1. As a resident in these block of flats for 6 years. I’d firstly like to point the bins in the picture are the rubbish bins. Not the recycle bins. The recycle bins are locked up opposite.

    Secondly the condescending comment that residents aren’t educated is an extremely simplistic and frankly offensive response. Particularly if you have small children who live with you on the top floor

    Thirdly the has been numerous occasions LDC should have collected the rubbish when they didn’t and this has led to an excessive build up of rubbish.

    Fourthly, instead of treating residents with contempt how about sending anonymous questionnaires to the residents to understand the difficulties faced, in being able to access the recycling.

  2. What mountains of waste must be accumulating just waiting for the re-opening of the Lichfield site. It has not evaporated. For every act (rationale or otherwise) there is a reaction. It is to be hoped Cllr. Lax has planned for this. There will be many angry citizens if they are refused admission.

  3. Armada House is occupied by some very lovely and respectable tenants, but also some extremely disgusting tenants, too – who bring down the entire block. As a resident who lives in a nearby house, I’m desperate to move away – as a few of my neighbours are. My house will be going
    on the market soon. Why? Armada house. There are a small cluster of females (you know the sort….tats, fags, every other word is the F word around children…..), who are intent on dragging down the rest of the residents to their extremely low standards. PCSOs are a regular sight at Armada. Sadly it seems reporting issues to housing associations and police (who, to be fair do a great job), does very little to change the residents’ behaviour. What’s really sad is that I used to champion social housing and the need for it to be part of private housing developments. Now however, I’m not convinced it works. Sure, some people might “raise their game”, and take pride in living on a lovely clean estate….however there appears to be a clique of low life scum who have no intention of modifying their behaviour, or the behaviour of their children. Scum.

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