Members of Burntwood Town Council in their online meeting

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Councillors in Burntwood have broken new ground by holding their first virtual meeting.

Members of Burntwood Town Council took part in the online session yesterday (15th April) as coronavirus restrictions meant a traditional gathering of the elected members could not take place.

Items such as contingency planning for the COVID-19 outbreak and the creation of a network to support local residents during the crisis were on the agenda.

Cllr Bradley Westwood, Labour representative for the Boney Hay and Central ward said:

“Great progress by Burntwood Town Council as we managed to host our first virtual meeting.

“It was good to see the community coming together in Burntwood, especially amongst all the groups that have been set up in these trying times.”

Cllr Brad Westwood, Burntwood Town Council

Cllr Thomas Loughbrough Rudd, Conservative representative for Summerfield and All Saints ward, added:

“Well done to Burntwood Town Council and the leadership team for arranging what turned out to be a very successful first virtual meeting of the council.

“It was good to talk and work together in the challenging times we live in at the moment.”

Cllr Thomas Loughbrough Rudd, Burntwood Town Council


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  1. I do not know much about technology or local politics.
    But can someone please explain to me why one of the presumably elected councillors in that photo was fit to display a tatty and ragged British flag behind himself during this “online” meeting?
    Surely this is a time for the country to come together and unite in the face of a common disease.
    Displaying such a moth-eaten and clearly incomplete British flag at such at a time and during a public meeting seems the heighth of poor taste.
    The young lolkknv gentleman involved probably needs a lesson in what put the Great into Great Britain. He works be well advised to get a new complete Britush flag before the next “online” meeting and get rid of that ragged nonsense.
    Disrespecting our national flag at this difficult time is not something I would expect from an elected person, even one from Burntwood!

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