Police outside the West Midlands Ambulance Service base in Lichfield during the clap for carers event

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People across Lichfield and Burntwood showed their appreciation for key workers as the clap for carers event took place.

Residents left their homes as part of the national tribute to NHS and other care staff.

Among the shows of appreciation were outside the West Midlands Ambulance Service base on Eastern Avenue in Lichfield.

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A guard of honour formed by police patrol cars joined residents to thank staff working on the front line of the battle with coronavirus.


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  1. @ Luke. Get out more? Listen to this then. I was trying to come up with a comedic comment for this article but what ever I attempted seemed to be lacking in someway, like the punchline of a joke delivered too early and falling flat. I look at the headline picture and see public sector workers clapping public sector workers clapping public sector workers whilst the private sector burns to the ground. I see Nero throwing a cup of water over the inferno of burning Rome. Yes, it’s all in the timing…… and my family tell me that I have become far too cynical over the past three weeks….

  2. This isn’t about “public sector workers” supporting “public sector workers” it is simply Police Officers joining in with the community thanking the NHS, including the Ambulance Service for everything they are doing to save as many lives as they can during this crisis.

    There is no “us and them” mentality, we are ALL in this together and we are only going to get through this TOGETHER! No one likes that the private sector is struggling, all people including those who work in the public sector use private sector businesses in their lives and therefore need them just as much as anyone else.

    Clapping for the NHS gives them the boost they need to continue doing what they are doing! They see the struggle and deaths everyday, they see and treat the person loosing their battle with this illness day in and day out and there is nothing they can do for them. Simply spending a minute clapping them in thanks prevents them just giving up.

    The officers here have spent two minutes of their long and busy day thanking the NHS for everything they are doing at the moment. Any local in Lichfield will know that the Ambulance depot is a 30 second drive from the Police Station located on the same road less than a mile away.

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