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As well as offering readers the chance to comment on our articles, we are also opening up the opportunity for residents to give their views on a broader range of topics affecting Lichfield. In our Your views section, we’ll feature some of the emails we regularly get sent by people from across the district discussing local issues.

I would like to propose that the area on the Birmingham Road that is currently becoming a wasteland be turned into a public space reflecting on the coronavirus crisis.

It should be a memorial to people lost and hurt by COVID-19 – but it should also look forward to hope and recovery.

There should be public gardens in tribute to the people who have kept everything going; the NHS, shop workers, volunteers, pharmacists, the Lichfield Food Bank, the police, council workers, firefighters and many more.

There should be places of quiet contemplation and public places where people can come together to meet and places to perform.

Anyone and everyone should be allowed to offer a design for a whole section or even a tiny space.

Judges should be drawn from the people the space is dedicated to.

Sue Atkins

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  1. interesting ideas -would be a wonderful outdoor performing space but we do need a vibrant transport hub

  2. Fountains and a waterpark as well as covid 19 memorial would be a great intro to Lichfield. Vibrant, progressive with sombre and respectful theme.

  3. Some very thoughtful ideas, Sue. Some form of memorial place will be important, but we also need a health and leisure centre and I still long for a cinema!

  4. A massive housing estate.

    Is that what I want? No. The council are broke and that’s what it will be.

    To add a local touch. Maybe the roofs could be badly thatched. To celebrate our local representative.

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