Michael Fabricant MP with the UN flag

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The UK should follow the USA’s lead if it opts to pull out of the United Nations, Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has claimed.

American president Donald Trump has halted funding for the World Health Organisation in protest at what he claims was mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is the latest spat between the USA and the UN and its associated agencies.

Michael Fabricant has now said the UK needs to be prepared to follow the US lead if the situation escalates.

In an article written for ConservativeHome, he said:

“With Donald Trump at the helm, there is now a possibility that the US could leave the United Nations entirely.

“If this were to happen, and remember the US is by far the UN’s biggest funder, where would that leave the UK?

“In that eventuality, I believe we would have to make it clear to the UN that if radical reform is not forthcoming, we would follow the Americans out of the door.

“At present, there is nothing to indicate that the US plans to leave the UN any time soon, and the UK’s priority should absolutely be to try and reform the organisation from within, particularly as we hold one of the five permanent seats on the Security Council.

“But where have we heard ‘we can better change it from within’ before?

Michael Fabricant MP

“The UN repeatedly fails to live up to the values and standards it was set up to defend”

Donald Trump. Picture: Gage Skidmore

Mr Fabricant said it was right that questions were being asked about the UN’s record in recent times after the American President branded it as “just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time”.

“The simple fact is that despite its lofty goals, the UN repeatedly fails to live up to the values and standards it was set up to defend.

“Not only did the UN shamelessly fail to stop the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, or indeed more recently the bloodbath in Syria, it frequently cannot even bring its own institutions to condemn the governments that carry out such atrocities.

“The so-called UN Human Rights Council is a perfect example of this moral myopia.

“Among the current members elected to its council are serial human rights abusers such as Eritrea and Bahrain, while other recent members include China, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.

“Like many other UN bodies, the HRC is also biased against Israel to the point of absurdity.”

Michael Fabricant MP

“Nothing more than a fig leaf for the world’s dictatorships”

Were the US to depart the UN, it would see China become the biggest contributor of funding to the group.

And Mr Fabricant believes it would tip the balance for many democratic nations.

“The Security Council, which is weak and ineffective at best, would tilt even more towards the dictatorships of Russia and China.

“If the UN still were to prove itself incapable of reform even after the Americans have left, a British exit could spark an exodus of similar like-minded liberal democracies, leaving the UN as nothing more than a fig leaf for the world’s dictatorships.

“If there’s one thing these past few years of politics have taught us, it’s that nothing, no matter how unprecedented, can be ruled out.”

Michael Fabricant MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. I wonder if Fabricant started to pay attention to his own backyard he might stop the stream of sycophantic drivel and self-publicity he produces both in Parliament and in public. The area has cried out for a decent constituency MP: there are many from all parties, but he is not one.

  2. His love affair with America under the Trump administration is baffling.
    Our MP clearly has a soft spot for Woody.
    He clearly has a close relationship with Woody.
    He even got Woody up in Lichfield.

    I’m not suggesting cultivating a good relationship with Woody is inappropriate, after all having the American Ambassador to the UK as a “special relationship” makes sense. Mr Johnson is a useful ally.
    But fawning over Woody is a bit unseemly, especially when he does it so publicly.
    And by extending this Woody obsession to Trump and some of his crazy pronouncements and decisions doesn’t do anyone any favours.

    I think our MP should put Woody to one side for a while and concentrate on matters closer to hand and on his own Street in Lichfield. Surely there are enough local issues to keep him busy?

  3. Oh how we might wish Scribbler! If the virus reduced the constituency to just 100 he would still get elected! The psychology driving the thinking (or otherwise) behind the electorate is beyond me.
    What is important is that we do not isolate ourselves from world affairs. No! Not Brexit of which I approve. While America has always been big enough to self sustain we are not and as a consequence have to accept strange bedfellows as an expedient. Some other organisations do need more scrutiny. The W.H.O. and U.N. amongst them but to withdraw support would create serious instability between the various political systems with unknown consequences. We do have some good politicians who can bring sanity to most situations.
    As for our M.P. Well there is a saying about ‘Accepting fools badly.’ Makes you wish he was somebody else’s fool though dosent it?

  4. Is Mr Fabricant going to press the government to make some of the large fashion retailers pay for orders placed in Pakistan and other such places prior to the lock down or does he think it is fare for them to wave two fingers at their suppliers

  5. Proof that people will vote for a maniac who will say absolutely anything and somehow face no consequences.

    Also, Donald Trump is quite mental too.

  6. No consequences apart from the ballot box, do you remember how those went?
    As for “quite mental too” tut tut.

  7. What consequences has he faced? Certainly not the ballot box. He called a constituent a tw*t then did little to nothing for locals but got elected to his £80K+ job yet again. He has a blue rosette and the solidly safe Tory seat.

  8. I do wonder why the man who shared a racist image on Twitter, defends blackface, keeps mementos to apartheid in his office, called a female constituent a twat for asking him a question and wanted to punch a female journalist in the throat is such a fan of the racist misogynist Donald Trump.

  9. There’s so much wrong in what Fabricant has said, I have trouble know where to begin.

    People should read, because this sort of populist nonsense is what got Trump elected.

  10. @Darryl I agree with you. I was commenting on Michael Fabricant. I cannot understand why people vote for him. What he is suggesting is a one way road to hell but then like many others he appears besotted with Trump who has a lot to say for himself and seems to have promised lots yet not delivered. I guess it is rather the devil you know but that never works as I have learned from experience. The proof is always in the pudding. As far as I am concerned Mr Fabricant is window dressing, an opportunity for a photo op here and there. He certainly doesn’t appear to have much impact with his leadership.

  11. Megan, people here in Lichfield & District don’t necessarily vote for him but sadly we are a majority blue constituency and they would vote for anything that is in the blue camp. What leadership? LOL! You’re right though window dressing is just up his street and always one for a photo opportunity.

  12. Recently moved to Lichfield…. and this is our MP?
    Good grief… to paraphease his hero… lock him up

  13. Just waiting for Fab to suggest we follow Trump’s most recent advice in injecting ourselves with disinfectant to help fight coronavirus.

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