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A Burntwood councillor says he hopes a local cemetery will soon reopen after it was shut because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite the Government saying it wanted local authorities to keep parks and cemeteries open, the gates of Burntwood Cemetery currently remain locked.

Burntwood Town Council said it would await further guidance on social distancing measures before reopening the site.

Cllr Wai-Lee Ho

But Cllr Wai Lee Ho said he hoped the cemetery would open sooner rather than later.

“I do hope this decision changes after the Government said cemeteries must remain open.

“Grieving is such an important part of losing someone – let us say goodbye.”

Cllr Wai Lee Ho

In a statement, the town council explained why it had not reopened the site.

“The Government has promised to provide further advice on how that should be facilitated while ensuring rules of social distancing are maintained.

“The town council is monitoring the situation and will follow the Government’s new advice as soon as it is issued.

“For the time being however the cemetery will remain closed.”

Burntwood Town Council spokesperson

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3 replies on “Burntwood councillor hopes town’s cemetery will reopen sooner rather than later after coronavirus closure”

  1. Interesting. Which advice/guidance is Cllr Ho wanting us to follow? His government’s “essential travel only” or “keep cemeteries open” – as usual a ministerial statement with no follow up advice?
    Preferred it if he spent time lobbying his MP to put pressure on his government to provide care staff in Burntwood with PPE.

  2. So you can go to Tesco’s and stand with 10+ people you don’t know and, hopefully, keep socially distanced, but you can’t go and grieve for a relative?

    What a load of bureaucratic nonsense.

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